Advanced Settlement Power

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Advanced Settlement Power

The goal of this mod is to give you the tools you need to start building crazy stuff in Fallout 4. You’ve probably marveled at computers and giant logic circuits built in games like Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress (props to Thom293 for getting me back into DF). Now you can bring that sort of thing into the wasteland.

Let me know if you want to make something and find that you can’t because you don’t have some component that you need. I’ll try to make reasonable ideas happen.

If you make something awesome let me know. You might inspire me or someone else to do something cool too.

If you’re like me you were somewhat disappointed when you found out that logic gates were not in the vanilla game. You probably also figured it was only a matter of time before someone modded them in. Well, I got tired of waiting on someone else and decided to take on this project as my first mod. After about a week of browsing through the ~2500 scripts that make up Fallout 4 I had picked up just enough Papyrus to be dangerous and with the first DLC coming out I dove right in.

Basic Usage:
To be done. Videos/tutorials/examples coming when I have some free time (and I’m not feeling lazy)

Components added:
(I’m going to give an overview here of how each of these works… at some point)
AND gate
NAND gate
OR gate
NOR gate
XOR gate
NOT gate
Yes gate
Normally Open Relay
Normally Closed Relay
Latching Relay
Toggling Relay
One Shot
NO/NC Momentary Switch
Door Controller and Locker (as in Powered Doors)
Door Sensor
Triggered Door opener and closer
Quantum Signal Conduit

Things in the next release:

RGB Lightboxes (Lightbox with additional inputs that set color)
Wasteland Workshop Nixie Tube Counter
Asychronous SR Flip Flop
XNOR gate

Future Plans:
Weather sensors that activate depending on current weather (fog sensor, rain sensor, radstorm sensor, etc)
Switches that open and close based on current time (configuring like the vanilla interval switches and other things)
More complex components (multiplexers, RAM/ROM modules, programmable logic units)
A sensor that detects when a nearby object is damaged (like a turret or generator)
Nikola Tesla style power transmitters that wirelessly power receiver modules
The ability to save circuits as prefabs so you can plop them pre-built into the world and save time wiring gates
Fancy models and a rack mount that they can snap into (maybe?)
Sensor to determine if a creature is in one of the WW cages
Motion Sensor (activates whenever player or NPC is within certain range)
Laser Tripwire that deactivates when beam is broken and reactivates whenever obstruction leaves (I saw someone mention this on reddit)

just like most every other mod you’ve installed

DarthWayne’s Powered Doors mod served as the foundation for my door-related stuff.

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