Fallout 4 mods and cheats


You need AWKCR and Armorsmith Extended and original mods.
load patch after these 2 mods and original mods.

You get:
-crafted in Armorsmith Workbench for Armors
Or WeaponSmith Workbench for weapons
-legendary mod
-can be worn under armor pieces
-can have ballistic weave
-Lining mods,
-outfit add-on mods,
-Glove mods


1.Adventurer Outfit you need Adventurer Outfit
-crafted in Armorsmith Workbench under Dapper Outfit

2.Dark Drifter Outfit and Coat you need Dark Drifter Outfit and Coat
-crafted in Armorsmith Workbench under Raider Outfit

3.M79 Thumper Grenade Launcher you need M79 Thumper Grenade Launcher
-crafted under Heavy Firearms
-Ammo, Thumper Ammo crafted under Other

4.MK14 EBR you need MK14 EBR
-Crafted under Ballistic FireArms

5.G67 BattleRifle you need G67 Battle Rifle – Standalone
-Crafted under Ballistic FireArms

To do:
some other custom armors and weapons

Thanks to:
Gambit77 for Armorsmith Extended
valdacil for AWKCR
nsk13 for Adventurer Outfit
cat_woman1989 for Dark Drifter Outfit and Coat
DDProductions83 for M79 Thumper Grenade Launcher
dazzerfong for MK14 EBR
Junnari for G67 Battle Rifle – Standalone
Bethesda for Fallout 4
ElminsterAU for FO4Edit

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