All-in-one Settlement Solution

All-in-one Settlement Solution

The purpose of this mod is for when you find a new settlement but you don’t feel like building right now, but still want new people to start coming in until you finally get around to building them a real settlement. Or hell, maybe you just don’t like building but still want settlements full of people.


In the generator category of the build menu you will find a new item (the Fusebox from Home Plate) that provides the following:

– 40 Food
– 40 Water
– 100 Power
– 100 Defense
– 40 Beds (yes it satisfies the need for beds)
– ambient power radius increased (about the size of Sanctuary)
– a bonus to happiness (like having 250 Restaurants) (added in v1.1)

I suggest you place it on the Recruitment Beacon and wire them together like in the picture for the most compact solution to everything your settlement requires.

Very easy tutorial for changing the numbers in fo4edit added to optional files.


credit to Draco856 – without his “Generator – Fusebox” mod I would not have been able to make this

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What is this mod use for

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1 Response

  1. Tony Ford says:

    All-in-one Settlement Solution

    A must for anyone who hates having to waste so much space setting up those bulky generators just to get 10 tops each generator. These are awesome giving you 100 + additional things like food, beds, water, and more. This has to be my number one favorite mod. So far it is also one of very few mods I have had no problems with even along side other mods as many as 30.

    I goof off a bit in this video with power lines & what not, but with its size you really do not need to worry with making lines, and can just give everything its own power source. Also in Sanctuary you can put one on each house, and one of the connectors on the house close wired to it for coverage of the entire house. Just wire any items that don’t power up to the wall.

    Great mod! Thanks to the modder who created this mod.

    Video Here,

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