Alternate (easier) Start with lore

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Alternate (easier) Start with lore

This is a save file I had in mind on doing for a while, I decided to make a starting settlement and then it evolved into an alternate start which I decided to share. Feel free to change your SPECIAL stats with console commands as well as your appearance, name, etc…


The save file is composed of various things:

-A custom 10mm pistol (Cryo damage and some basic mods)
-A custom hunting rifle (irradiated and basic mods)
-A really small settlement on Sanctuary, meant to be a player base
-Some minor things in the settlement such as generators, lights, crafting stations…

The “lore” part of the save is just a small story, I may or may not come back and add more to it, feel free to suggest anything!

Your character knew this day would happen. She was working with a small division of the US army that specialized in hunting deathclaws that had escaped testing and controled grounds. She was the leader of the division, and got a scar while fighting one of the rogue speciments, but that never stopped her from marching on.
Eventualy, Chloe would settle as a housewife, still in contact with the goverment. She was notified of the possibility of an upcoming nuclear war, and she stashed her trusty hunting rifle in a van near Sanctuary. As the bombs fell, she snuck a 10mm pistol on her person, and into cryo stasis. However, the object interfered with the cryo system and damaged the pod she was in. The pistol got frozen but was still unstable and her hair lost all her color.
After emerging from vault 111, she met Codsworth, and decided to make a small home from the remains of her pre-war house and her neighbor’s. The settlement would serve her as a main base.
Wondering where her hunting rifle ended up, she set foot onto the Commonwealth with her trusty frozen 10mm pistol.

So that’s pretty much it. I know it’s terrible, but I just wanted to have a different start for the game!

Have fun!

(If you can’t find the obvious hunting rifle, it’s in the river near the bridge.)

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