Angry Artillery

Angry Artillery

“God fights on the side with the best artillery” –Napoleon, probably, idk

Annoyed at the lazy-ass Minutemen for taking so long to fire the artillery? Don’t feel like 1-2 shells per minute really captures the essence of what artillery is all about? Want to rain lightning-fast concentrated death on your enemies? Then this mod is for you!

A full barrage now consists of 6 rapid 3-shell volleys (if you have enough artillery, that is; you need at least 3 to fire full-sized volleys, obviously, and more means more volleys, up to the maximum). The first is guaranteed to be perfectly on target, and the rest blanket the area. The whole show is over in about 20 seconds, though your jaw may take longer to close afterwards.

Known Issues
Artillery no longer turn towards their target. This is by design, and is required to improve fire rate. Turning toward the target requires not just the animation time, but several timers and callbacks that have unacceptable latency.
When calling in artillery very far from your position (try the flare guns included in Artillery Fire and Range Expansion for that, they’re hella fun) sometimes fewer shells land than are fired (2 per volley instead of 3). I think this has to do with view distance interacting with the invisible dummy objects that call down the shells. In any case, it’s a Bethesda problem; try calling in fire a bit closer to see the full effect.

This was a bitch to make without the GECK, btw. Mod includes source code for modified scripts. Original scripts decompiled with Champollion, recompiled with Caprica.

(This mod requires bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 under the [Archive] section of Fallout4.ini, but so does everything else, so I won’t go into it deeply here.)

Oh yeah, I’m super lazy, so if you make videos for this I will love you.

Credits: MrNerdHair
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