AS Prototype R-74

AS Prototype R-74


This mod adds two new craftable items, the AS Prototype R-74 helmet and the AS R-74 Hood.

The R-74 Helmet is a stand-alone Synth Heavy Field Helmet with a custom Institute blue glow and effect.

The helmet’s state of the art Targeting Cloak will activate upon drawing your weapon.
“Sheathe” your weapon and the ability will disappear. It’s like magic, but it’s really science.

Custom 2K textures and custom glow map.
Targeting HUD color changed from power armor red to cool Institute blue.
Can be worn without hood with longer hair, but some clipping may (will) occur.
Character seen in photos has short hair and I can wear without hood.

+1 Perception
12 Defense
16 Energy Resistance

The R-74 Hood was created to be worn under the helmet.
It has custom textures, using the Brotherhood of Steel hood as a base.
It adds 5 Energy Resistance and 5 Radiation Resistance because hey, why not?


This may be my last mod, so I created a FOMOD for the full experience.
As of version .74 you can opt for the glowing (nuclear fueled) bars on front of mask or without the glow on bars as seen above.

Install with your favorite mod manager!
Or manually install by unzipping the 7z archive and copying the .esp, Textures, Meshes and Materials folder into your Fallout4/Data/ folder.
Then, in the “Optional” folder choose either the GlowBars or NonGlowBars and copy the texture into your Data folder.

Both items are craftable at a chemistry station under the ‘AS Prototypes’ category.
The required materials as as follows:

Rank 3 Science + Rank 2 Armorer
2 Adhesive
1 Biometric Scanner
1 Cloth
2 Fiber Optics
2 Fiberglass
1 Leather
1 Nuclear Material
2 Plastic

Rank 2 Armorer
1 Adhesive
1 Cloth
1 Fiberglass

For those of you less technologically inclined, or not interested in the immersive Science of this mod,
you can open the console and type “help prototype 4” Then type “player.additem XXXXXXXX 1” replacing the X’s with the item ID.

Science is good though.

As the director of the highly regarded organization known as The Institute, I was disheartened to see such apathy
from the crew over in the Advanced System labs. As a former employee of Cambridge Polymer Labs, and the
Only real human field agent, I’m forcing them to work overtime.

Seriously though, the Institute should have way cooler stuff than it does.

I’ve been playing modded Beth games for years, but this is my first mod and it
took me – I mean the folks in Advanced Systems – several days to figure out. I hope it works for you.
Any comments, suggestions or criticisms would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

This was created with FO4Edit, B.A.E. – Bethesda Archive Extractor, and Material Editor by Ousnius.

Mods seen in screenshots are Subtle ENB by Noidkid, Kerrigan Bodysuit by Guffeh, Audrey Hepburn as Curie by
Beautymaster521 and Homemaker for the Institute settlement stuff.

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