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BAT Materials – Shipments

Adds 1000 of each crafting material but adds no weight to your inventory because they’re all Shipments which have 0 weight. No more 7,000+ carryweight and having to use god-mode just to walk around.

As Adhesive and Screws are the most needed crafting materials it will add 2,000 of them rather than 1,000. Rather, 40 Shipment of Adhesive (50) and 80 Shipment of Screws (25). You can change any of the values to your liking, of course. Just open the file in any text editor.

As of 1.1 there will be 2,000 wood and steel added as well.

Note: No special preparation is necessary to use “Shipments” of materials. You can use them either directly from your inventory or from your Workshop. They act sort of like special 0 weight containers with the designated amount of materials within.

How to use:
Do not download and install with a Mod Manager. Download and install manually!
This file needs to go in the same directory as your EXE, not your Data folder.
Once in-game pull up the Console (hotkey may vary depending on Region, in the US it’s ` next to 1).
Type bat mat-ship and hit enter to add the materials to your inventory.
To remove them once you’re done (if you desire such) type bat rem-mat-ship and hit enter.

Nov 27, 2015: Version 1.2 – Uploaded wrong files with 1.1, it was giving 4,000 steel & 2,000 wood. It’s fixed as intended now.
Nov 27, 2015: Version 1.1 – Wood was in quantities of 50 per rather than 100, resulting in only 500 wood. I’ve corrected this and upped the quantities of Steel & Wood to provide 2,000 of each material.
Nov 27, 2015: Version 1 – Initial Release

Credits: XunAmarox
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