Battle at Fort Hagen

Battle at Fort Hagen

The Commonwealth abhors a vacuum

After the events of the Reunions quest with Kellogg, the Raiders decided to move into the Fort Hagen area. Eventually some settlers on the other side of the Commonwealth are bound to complain about it, and then you’ll have to deal with Preston Garvey again. Might as well clear the place out.

What this mod does

Spawns a massive battle at Fort Hagen with over 100 Raiders. The NPC’s generated are leveled, so the battle should have appropriate difficulty as long as you’re above level 10.

There are 2 batch files included in the download. Install both in your main game folder and you can choose in-game which to run:

1) FortHagen.txt: “bat FortHagen” console command spawns over 100 Raiders at dozens of spawn points around the exterior of Fort Hagen.

2) FortHagenLight.txt: “bat FortHagenLight” console command spawns only about half as many Raiders.

Warning: This mod is meant to be tough. Due to the number of NPC’s generated it will likely affect your frame rate during the battle. Unless you have a good rig you might want to start with “bat FortHagenLight”and make sure the performance is acceptable to you before trying “bat FortHagen”.


Q: How to install?
A: Download manually. Place both .txt files into your game folder where Fallout4.exe is located (not your data folder). For people using Steam the folder is usually ProgramFiles (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4.

Q: How to uninstall?
A: Remove both text files from your game folder.

Q: Where is Fort Hagen?
A: Near the western edge of the map, south of Sanctuary, north of the Glowing Sea, west of Diamond City. It’s the place Dogmeat leads you to in the Reunions quest to find Kellogg.

Q: How to generate the enemies?
A: Travel to any point in the exterior Fort Hagen area, open the console using the ~ key, and type “bat FortHagen” without the quotes, then hit enter and exit the console.

If you want half as many enemies to spawn instead, type “bat FortHagenLight”.

Save your game before you generate the enemies. The odds of dying are high.

Q: How is this different than using player.placeatme console command?
A: The“player.placeatme” command places all the enemies right in front of you. This mod strategically places the enemies at dozens of spawn points around Fort Hagen to make the battle more interesting, last longer, and reduce the probability of getting killed right away. It also generates the enemies with one command rather than fifty.

Q: Does this mod require any other mods?
A: No. But some other mods are likely to add to your enjoyment of this mod. See Recommended Mods list below.

Q: How long does the battle last?
A: Depends on your weapons, number of companions, etc. Typically around 10 minutes to wipe out all the enemies.

Q: Can you make this mod for other areas or settlements as well?
A: I’m open to suggestions. Already made battles for some other areas. See “My Battle Mods”below.

Q: Will this corrupt or crash my game?
A: There is no .esp file with this, just .txt files that place enemies in the world space, so it won’t corrupt your game. However the game engine has a limit to how much stuff can be going on at once, and the quality of your rig also matters. If the regular “bat FortHagen” command is causing problems, try the “bat FortHagenLight” command. Don’t enter the console commands until you’re at Fort Hagen, or you may find lots of corpses in unexpected places in or around Fort Hagen.

Recommended mods (none of these are required):

Settlement Raiding Mod: This lets you generate Raiders, Gunners, Brotherhood of Steel, etc. to attack your settlements. I highly recommend SRM because it features corpse cleanup so the bodies disappear quicker, which will help your performance/FPS if you replay the mod repeatedly in succession. Also, if you like this mod, chances are you’ll love SRM.

Personal Jetpack, or any mod that adds a jetpack. If you get surrounded by too many enemies, sometimes the only way to avoid dying is to fly out.

Unlimited Followers, or any mod that lets you have more than one companion.

Awesome Armor Effects, or any mod that lets you auto-inject stimpaks, because sometimes you forget until it’s too late.

My Battle Mods
Battle at Fort Hagen
The Battles of Lexington and Concord
Chaos at The Castle
Monster Battle Royal at Spectacle Island
Rematch at Quincy – Avenging the Quincy Massacre

Credits: Thuggysmurf
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