Better Automatron Weapons

Better Automatron Weapons

That’s right, you grease monkey, robot-buildin’, sons of guns. Tighten your belts because it’s time for BETTER AUTOMATRON WEAPONS. Featuring rebalancings for the Tesla Rifle, Salvaged Assaultron Head, Mr. Handy Buzz Blade, and Assaultron Blade, this mod makes it so that all the new weapons from the Automatron DLC are a little bit less crap. They’re not going to be overpowered god-destroyers, but they’ll be better than they were before.

On that note, as of publishing this mod, I’m the only one who’s tested it. As such, there’s still likely to be some balancing issues (I suspect issues with the charged Tesla Rifle variants in particular), so feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments and I’ll consider implementing them in future updates!

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t spend a majority of my time developing this mod working on this stupid rifle. In its vanilla form, it deals only energy damage and piss-poor energy damage at that. I’ve reworked it so that now not only does it not suck, but it’s also even a little bit fun to use. I’ve upped the damage and increased the firing rate, giving it a sort of wild and “care-free” playstyle as opposed to its previous playstyle of “am I even doing any damage?”

•Overall damage for all barrels has been increased.
•Base fire rate has been doubled. The semi-automatic barrels now fire as fast as you can pull the trigger.
•Magazine sizes have been increased for all barrels.
•Added a base of 36 Explosive Damage (affected by Demolition Expert!).
•Shots from the Tesla Rifle now light targets on fire.
•Added a powerful Railgun Barrel.
•The Shotgun Barrel is now semi-automatic.
•The Lobbing Barrel is now fully automatic.
•Added 3 new sights (including recon scopes!).
•The automatic variant now decreases your energy damage by 20% instead of 25%.
•Charging and Railgun barrels have a large increase in both accuracy and range.
•Descriptions for both the weapon’s mods and the weapon itself have been updated.
•The weapon’s weight has been increased to 10.7 (up from 8).
•Perk requirements for all mods have been updated.

Truth be told, I wasn’t really sure what to do with this. I’m still not, to be honest. It’s main fault is its basic function: it just takes too long to fire. However, its main fault is also the only thing preventing it from being redonkulously over-powered. As such, I’ve mostly left this weapon as is, giving it only a slight buff.

•You can now charge the head with up to 10 cells (up from 5 cells).
•Firing the head will no longer deal radiation damage to the player (because it didn’t really make sense in the first place).
•The description for the weapon has been updated to reflect the fact that it no longer deals radiation damage upon firing.

Honestly, this was my biggest disappointment with the DLC. It’s a friggin Mr. Handy Buzz Blade! In weapon form! And it sucks! However, the same problem with the Buzz Blade is the same issue with the Assaultron Head. Its main fault is its basic function. It’s an automatic melee weapon, so it’s going to deal really low damage as a result, and therefore, suck. Regardless, I decided to give the weapon a little boost in damage to reflect how it’s basically a bigger Ripper while, at the same time, giving it a weight increase to counter the damage increase.

•Increased damage to 8 (up from 5, making it deal twice as much base damage as the Ripper).
•Added an Overclocked upgrade, which gives the weapon a chance to stun an enemy.
•The weapon now causes a small amount of bleeding damage, making it more effective against weaker enemies.
•The weapon’s weight has been increased to 15 (up from 10).

At its core, this weapon is nothing but a fancy sword. I didn’t necessarily see a reason to buff it, as it wasn’t all that unique in the first place, but decided “well, if I don’t do something someone’s gonna get mad at me and I can’t handle criticism whatsoever, at least on a mental psyche level, so WELP BETTER GET TO WORK.”

•Increased damage to 27 (up from 17).
•Increased damage on the Electric Blade to 8 (up from 5).
•Added a Vibro Blade upgrade, which has a chance to disarm an enemy.
•Added an Overclocked Blade upgrade, which has a chance to stun an enemy
•The weapon’s AP cost has been increased to 45 (up from 35).
•The weapon’s weight has been increased to 6 (up from 3).

As this mod’s main focus is on Automatron’s new weapons, you will require the Automatron DLC to use this mod.

1. Download the mod (optional step).
2. Extract the .zip to your Fallout 4 Directory folder (the folder containing your Data folder, but not the Data folder itself!)
3. Update your plugins.txt file with BetterAutomatronWeapons.esp.
4. Get one of the new Automatron weapons.
5. Use them.
6. Hate them, uninstall the mod, and post hateful comments on the modding page.

1. Press the “Download with Manager” button.
2. oh my god it’s like magic

1. Delete BetterAutomatronWeapons.esp from your “Data” folder.
2. Yep, that’s it.

1. Take your computer and do something similiar to this to it.
2. Retrieve the hard drive.
3. Hook up your hard drive to the nearest accessible computer.
4. Launch Nexus Mod Manager.
5. Select the mod.
6. Press the red circle button with the diagonal dash going through it.
7. Bam. Boom. Done.

Sole developer, sole tester, and all-around cool guy.

Internal lab rat, used for the purpose of testing the rebalances featured in this mod. Rest in peace.

For fudging up the weapons in the first place so that I’d be able to come along later and fix them. Thanks, but not really. You stupid rust buckets.

Believe it or not, but I’ve actually made other mods, including MILKMAN for Fallout: New Vegas and IMMERSIVE CATS for Fallout 4. They’re both pretty okay. I played them once. It was fine.

If you’re looking for a mod centered around buffing the weapons for your ro-bros, check out Karel2015’s AUTOMATRON – WEAPON SYSTEMS OVERHAUL. It’s like my mod, but for robots!

Update 1.2
•Added Short and Long Recon Scopes to the Tesla Rifle.
•Added a “No Sights” option to the Tesla Rifle.
•Restored the Charged Lobbing Barrel and made it fully automatic.
•Lobbing Barrel now shoots 3 projectiles as opposed to 5.
•Shotgun Barrel is now semi-automatic (fires as fast as you can pull the trigger).
•Shotgun Barrel’s damage has been decreased to 110 in order to counter the heightened DPS.
•Re-renamed the Hair Trigger Barrel to Semi-Automatic Barrel.
•Reduced Tesla Rifle weight to 10.6
•Increaseds Tesla Rifle value to 107.
•Added Gun Nut requirements to several Tesla Rifle mods.
•Increased the Science! rank requirement on several Tesla Rifle mods.
•Railgun and Charged barrels now have much better accuracy, but only while aiming.
•Railgun and Charged Barrels now have a much more increased range.
•Railgun and Charged Barrels now fire a Gauss Projectile (only way to increase the range, unfortunately!)
•Added new weapon prefixes to the Tesla Rifle.
•Updated outdated strings of text for the Tesla Rifle.
•Tesla Rifle has been renamed to “Tesla” to avoid “Recon Tesla Rifle Sniper Rifle” from ever happening again.
•The Assaultron Blade’s damage has been increased to 27.
•The Assaultron Blade no longer causes bleeding damage.
•Added a Vibro Blade upgrade for the Assaultron Blade (chance to disarm an enemy).
•Added an Overclocked Blade upgrade for the Assaultron Blade (chance to stun an enemy).
•Increased the Electric Damage on the Assaultron Blade to 8.
•Added an Overclocked Buzz Blade upgrade for the Mr. Handy Buzz Blade (chance to stun an enemy).
•Added new weapon prefixes for both the Assaultron Blade and Mr. Handy Buzz Blade to reflect commonly shared mods.
•Rebooted Project Purity.

Update 1.1
•Removed the 12 ballistic damage on the Tesla Rifle and replaced it with 36 explosive damage (which is affected by Demolition Expert!)
•Shots from the Tesla Rifle will now ignite foes.
•The Charging Lob Barrel has been replaced with the Railgun Barrel.
•The Railgun Barrel deals 250% more damage than the Charging Barrel at the cost of a much slower firing rate.
•Decreased the Automatic Barrel magazine size to 100 cells (down from 200 cells).
•Doubled the weight of the Tesla Rifle to counter its increased viability.
•Removed the 21 ballistic damage on the Salvaged Assaultron Head.
•The Salvaged Assaultron Head can now be charged up with up to 10 cells, as opposed to 5. More is always better, as the kiddos say.
•The Assaultron Blade’s damage has been decreased from 26 to 21.
•Removed the -10% Attack Speed debuff on the Assaultron Blade.
•The AP cost of the Assaultron Blade has been increased to 45 (up from 35).

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