Better Locational Damage

Better Locational Damage

#Better #Locational #Damage

#What this mod does?
Better Locational Damage overhauls the bodyparts of the NPCs, based on their size.
For example we take a human:
A shot to the head will kill him.
A shot to the chest may kill or wound him. (depending on the weapon)
A shot to the arm or foot will not do as much damage as a shot to the chest.
Weak spots of the enemies take more damage, than others. They should be self-explanatory but i also uploaded Pictures of showing several enemies and their damage taken.
Size matters! Small enemies are easier being killed, than large ones.

#What is the difference between Real World Damages ?
This mod overhauls only the bodyparts, no other changes! Also, the changes made by RWD are not consistend. There are changes missing for several creatures.
I was not satisfied with this version and started now my own version, from scratch. This mod was created with FO4Edit and not with TESVSNIP. So there won’t be any missing or wrong references, which you may find in RWD.

For the best experience, it’s recommended to play on survival difficulty. For a more realistic feeling, it’s adivsed to also install one of the optionals.
This mod does increase damage to body parts. To prevent one shots to medium weak points on lower difficulties than survival, it’s recommended to install one of the optional files:
BLD – DD 0.30 Reduces damage done to 0.30 (recommended choice)
BLD – DD 0.40 Reduces damage done to 0.40
When you use an option above and you really love to blow your way through the city, check out my other mod:

Better Explosives
Overhauls the damage done by explosives. Increases the damage done, radius, force of explosions and corrects errors made by Bethesda
This mod is a work in progress. As it needs a lot of tweaking. There are several new features planned once the creation kit is released.

There are no special instructions. You are free to install and uninstall this mod at any time. It won’t harm your savegame.

#Optional files:

BLD – DD Series increases the Damage you Deal to enemies, when you shoot at them.

BLD – DD 0.30 – gives a more realistic feeling (recommended choice)
BLD – DD 0.40 – this is a mix of both
BLD – DD 0.50 – survival standard, when you want to stay at normal difficulty, you can choose this.

BLD – DT Series increases the Damage you Take from Enemies, when they shoot at you.
Survival standard is at 2.0 and recommended. On higher levels you may need to increase to 3.0-5.0
BLD – DT 3.0
BLD – DT 4.0
BLD – DT 5.0


#Q: Does this mod effect the player also?
A: No, as far as i can judge it. You will still take the damage, based on the difficulty you play. You will take the same damage as before.

#Q: Does this affect all NPCs?
A: Yes, even your followers.

#Q: Does this affect robots?
A: Temporarily, no. The best weapons are explosives, in my opinion. Which leads to my other mod Better Explosives.

#Q: On which difficulty should i play with this mod?
A: You can play on vanilla survival. It will work fine.
But if you want the little extra kick of realism, it’s recommended to download one of the optional files.

#Q: Can i play with this mod on normal difficulty?
A: Yes you can. But then you should download one of the optionals.
Otherwise you will do a lot of damage, when shooting at weak spots.
You won’t see much of difference between a pistol and a rifle on small and medium targets.

#Q: Why do my explosives less damage?
A: Because Bethesda handled them really bad. I tried to fix that with my other mod Better Explosives.
You can choose between 3 versions of damage. It’s a must have for every explosive expert.
You can find a link above, in the “Recommendation” section.

#Q: I take not much damage and im already playing on survival/ or want to stay on normal difficulty, how can i fix that?
A: In the optional files, are tweaks for the damage you receive.
Vanilla survival is at a rate of 2x. Download BLD – DT 3x/4x/5x and choose what you like best.

This content was uploaded by website visitors. If you notice any mistake, please let us know.

What is this mod use for

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