Blueprints Returns

Blueprints Returns


If you are not happy (just like me) with the way how you learn new modifications in “Vanilla” game;
If you are (like me again) an “immersion boy/girl” and like things to be closer to real live;
If you like to make your game harder but more logic;

This mod might be for you!

Be aware, this one is a WIP, so bugs and weird things could happen.

So what this mod actually do (working features):

Currently there are 15 skill books for every rank of every annoying crafting perk from Vanilla.
They could be bought from different vendors for a “fair” price. More advanced books(perks) are deeper in the game.
They could be found as a drop from legendaries at ~20% chance.

Planned features:

1. Hide Vanilla perks from perk sheet and replace them with usefull ones. (This will actually give you optional perks vs mandatory crafting perks in Vanilla).
2. Hand-place blueprints into the world and remove them from legendaries/vendors(workaround). Dunno if I could do this before CK comes out.
3. Hand-place blueprints into “Named” NPC’s pockets/containers. Doable without CK for sure, but I need ideas on this NPCs.

4. This one is a BIG work,but thats what I’m aiming for – overhaul the crafting in the way that every mod cathegory will have apropriate perk and blueprints. For example there will be 4 skillbooks for receivers and finding one of them will not auto-unlock all tier1 mods for you. Just T1 receivers. Same will be done for grips,mags,sights and so on.


I am REALLY BAD with anything involving graphics(as you can see from images), so I’ve tryed my best to do something that will not look like a black square. Still my textures look like they were done by 3 years old.
So this being said, if you like an idea of this mod, better at creating/editing graphics and want to contribute – feel free to contact me to become a co-author.

Sorry for this messy description and that alpha release. I was really hyped working on this and wanted to share it faster to see your feedback.
Will fix descr when I will have time and will try to polish this mod as fast as I can.

Credits: Valma
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