Buffed Companion Weapons

Buffed Companion Weapons


This is my first ever published mod for a Bethesda game, and it’s pretty simple, but problems could arise, and conflicts could arise. Please use the Bug report section to notify me of any issues you have and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Also, SPOILERS well, obviously, but don’t say I didn’t warn you, this list has all companions and in particular spoils a questline for a companion. I assume if you’ve come this far though you understand this, and you already know about all companions.

There are two ESP’s available, the normal version, and the OP version.

The normal version I use myself, and it’s pretty good for Survival mode for when you need extra damage from your companions without giving them something ammo hungry. Like for example a Minigun.

The OP version I wouldn’t use myself but hey, it’s also cool to see Hancock slice open a Deathclaw with a knife in a few seconds.
(NOTE: When using the OP version, your companions will literally obliterate everything, so it’s more of a cheat option. Don’t use this version if you actually want a chance to do some damage yourself.)

That said, here’s what the mod changes;
Cait’s Double Barrel now does 60 base damage instead of 45
Synth Curie’s Laser Rifle now does 40 base damage instead of 27
Robot Curie’s Laser Attachment now does 40 base damage instead of 30
Danse’s Laser Rifle now does 40 base damage instead of 27
Deacon’s Hunting Rifle now does 65 base damage instead of 40
Hancock’s Double Barrel now does 60 base damage instead of 45
Hancock’s Knife now does 20 base damage instead of 10
McCready’s hunting rifle now does 65 base damage instead of 40
Piper’s 10mm Pistol now does 25 base damage instead of 18
Preston’s Laser Musket now does 40 base damage instead of 18
Strong’s Sledgehammer now does 40 base damage instead of 15
Nick Valentine’s Pipe Revolver now does 30 damage instead of 24
X6-88’s Laser Rifle now does 40 base damage instead of 21


Literally just makes all companion weapons now do 100 base damage.

Either use CompWeaponBuff.esp or CompWeaponOP.esp, DO NOT USE BOTH, because they will conflict as they’re modifying the same thing.

Just follow this guide for detailes instructions on how to install Fallout 4 mods.

PS: I didn’t modify Codsworth because I have no idea how his damage is calculated, and his damage is set to “1” for some reason, if you’d like to let me know how, or do it yourself and publish it yourself, feel free. Please enjoy!

Credits: AlmightyBlight
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