Camping Supplies

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Camping Supplies

Hello! This mod is all about…

This mod allows you to craft portable, reusable camping equipment!
In less than 5 seconds, you can setup the bare essentials in any environment.

Featured on Tyrannicon’s FALLOUT 4 MODS starting at 2:13.
Featured on Chuckles 2.0’s Fallout 4 Mods Showcase starting at 8:05.
Featured on BRT Gaming’s Fallout 4 TOP 5 Mods starting at 0:45.
Featured on theDeluxeSam’s Fallout 4 Mods starting at 3:29
Note, retrieving items has since been added since the recording of Nozi87’s video.

A French translation is available here!

You will be able to craft 5 new items.
They will be located under PORTABLE in any Chemistry Station.

You can make portable:
Cooking Stations, Sleeping Bags, Folding Chairs, Cases, and Lamps!
They can be used to cook, sleep, or sit anywhere!

Craft an item at a Chemistry Station.
Find the “Portable” under Weapons in inventory.
Equip and use like a grenade.
Throw them where you want to deploy them.
Wait for the item to be setup.


You can now pick up and reuse any item in this mod!
Just activate the deployed item on the ground.
You will be given a choice to use it or pick it up.

Credit for script goes to Wenderer.
Thanks again Wenderer!

While they are reusable, they will disappear once you are quite far from them,
about the distance of the Red Rocket Station to the other side of Sanctuary.
As such, don’t leave your camp without packing up first!

Details about the camping equipment:

Portable Sleeping Bag – 10 lb – Deployable anywhere and usable anywhere.
Portable Cooking Pot – 5 lb – Deploys a Cooking station fully usable and animated to!
Portable Chair – 5 lb – A folding chair that can be used to pass time without a “natural” chair.
Portable Suitcase – 3 lb – A temporary storage space, do not use long term! If you leave it, it’ll be gone.
Portable Lamp – 2 lb – A convenient light-source that can be lifted and moved around.

The equipment will exist as “grenades” in your inventory until used.
Each item has weight in your inventory, so pack wisely!
The crafting cost is a little costly, but more than fair.

If you have any suggestions for more items to add,
please post your suggestion in the comments!

Thank you for checking this out!

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