Choice Chopped

Choice Chopped


– Adds 20 new recipes with effects to cooking stations
– Includes a new way to make adhesive (from Food Paste)
– Includes a new way to cure addictions (Breakfast of Champions)
– Includes conversions for cooking oil, dirty water, and wild crops
– Meals are stocked by merchants, lunch pails, and raider coolers


Version 1.3 adds Dandelion Wine (inspired by listening to Old World Radio Boston, in memory of Ray Bradbury). See screenshots for cooking station recipe and the heady effects. Three bottles exist in new games: one in the Sanctuary root cellar crate, and the other two are carried by Fahrenheit and Wilhelmina Cabot. I might add Bradbury’s Blue Bottle after the CK is out, with random effects (read the short story).

This version also distributes more gumdrops for making food paste/adhesive (Doctor Sun has some for good patients, Sheng the Diamond City waterboy sells them now, plus other NPCs have a few).

Also, Takahashi the noodle bot added Brahmin Noodles to the menu. (If you prefer the Brahmin Ramen mod’s high octane version, load that mod after Choice Chopped.) Tested, as always. This should be the last update until I learn how to do custom nifs. (Still interested in food makeovers and vintage marketing posters. Collaborators welcome.)

Counting calories? Check out Rain’s Aid Balance for versions that work with Choice Chopped and/or Valdacil’s Item Sorting. (Unknown if support will be offered for Version 1.3, will update this message when I find out.)

*** Gambit77 has kindly offered a VIS patch (March 17, 2016). It is an optional download in the files tab. ***

Is your Mac & Cheese BlandCo? Does your Cram always scram when you get to the shop? Better take that Salisbury Steak… Now you can turn baskets of junk food ingredients into tasty, useful meals with CHOICE CHOPPED!

Bring back those car hop memories with this diner-style menu:

BEVERAGE – Bobrov’s Best Moonshine, Cape Cod Cocktail, Rum Raider
DESSERT – Apple Pie, Berry Cherry Cake, Carrot Cake, Food Paste
ROAST – Corn Fritters, Corned Beef Hash, Cram & Cheese, Diamond City Chili Dog, Fried Green Tatos, Green Bean Casserole, Holiday Dinner, Radburger
SOUP – Backblast Chili, Brahmin Meatballs, Brahmin Noodles, Breakfast of Champions, Chef Salad
UTILITY – Adhesive, Cooking Oil, Dirty Water, Corn, Mutfruit, Razorgrain, Tarberry

The recipes are in any cooking station, and are designed so that the ingredients and effects make sense. Prepared dishes can also be found at merchants, lunch pails, and raider coolers.


The meals from this mod show up in relevant places. So Trudy from Drumlin Diner has the best selection of diner food. Anyone else who tried to fill Trudy’s shoes (wink wink) would have a crappier selection than a lifetime diner cook. As the mod namesake, Choice Chops has the best selection of meals with meat. And the snootier places… well, they have snootier food. Pinkies up!

(Note to modders: this mod includes custom lists if you want to implement the same local flavor into your custom areas, especially once the Creation Kit is out.)


Breakfast of Champions – Cure that hangover with a bowl of Sugar Bombs, beer, and mongrel dog meat. The original “hair of the dog” remedy.
Holiday Dinner – Get that “well rested” feeling wherever you stop to eat. No bed necessary, just a healthy appetite.
Food Paste – Made with bubblegum, gum drops, and mutfruit. Tastes best when spread on your guns. (1 food paste = 5 adhesive)
Diamond City Chili Dog – Need a Swattah? Now you can get a couple of chili dogs and bubblegum pieces too. Because baseball.
Brahmin Noodles – The dish that started it all. Ramen survived the radiation, and you will too!


Tested in gameplay with Mojave Imports and Wastelander’s Cookbook. Loaded all three into FO4Edit to triple-check there are no conflicts.

Mojave Imports – I found this after I started my mod and knew I had to be compatible at all costs. What a fantastic mod! Mojave Imports edits item “leveled lists” and some of the merchants. I chose my methods, merchants, and coolers carefully to be 100% compatible. No patch needed.

Wastelander’s Cookbook – Another great mod. Also edits “leveled lists”, hence the patches between WCB and Mojave Imports. Choice Chopped is “not incompatible” with WCB… it works, but recipes I added don’t have custom cooking station categories or the radiation damage option. Tested with both the Immersive Categories and Light No-Categories versions of WCB.

Want me to test or patch another mod not listed here? Lmk and we’ll figure out a way.


This mod adds inventory to lunch pails, raider coolers, and about 20 or so merchants. Any mod that edits the same things will remove my inventory from the edited item. Not a big deal, really, considering that there are other merchants with my stock and you won’t crash. Plus the cooking stations are robust and allow several recipe mods to play nice with each other. GG Bethesda!

Want to make sure nothing overwrites Choice Chopped? Load it last in your mod list. (Heh. We all say that, amirite?)


– Custom graphics / labels for the prepared dishes. (I chose the best ones from vanilla game, but some are dumb)
– Advertising posters for more in-game immersion (Radburger, Diamond City Chili Dog, Cape Cod Cocktail)
– Drumlin Diner and Starlight Drive-In overhaul (possible Diners & Drive-Ins mod when CK comes out)
– A mod that combines Backblast Chili with the flame thrower attack (you know what to do)


– Yao Guai Roast has vanilla Fortify Melee Damage magnitude of 10 (should be 0.100000). Changed in version 1.1, but then I discovered that Wastelander’s Cookbook makes significant changes to YGR, so I removed the override in version 1.2 to remain compatible. My mod item that uses Fortify Melee Damage (Corned Beef Hash) has a magnitude of 0.100000.

– When making cooking oil in cooking station, the recipe will now (version 1.2+) scrap oil-containing items (soap, blowtorch, paint, etc). However, when your only oil-containing item left is cooking oil, it will scrap one to make another. This is why I had to change the cooking oil recipe to match the vanilla 3 oil and 1 plastic. Any other recipe had the potential to exponentially increase scrap components.

– Food paste will not scrap into adhesive, requires cooking station. (Paste is an “ingestible”, vegetable starch is a “misc”).


I am a paramedic and empty nester who enjoys game programming. I was Torvald at Mystic MUD on Telnet “back in the day”, where we made lots of fun features with object-oriented code (LPC). This is my first Fallout 4 mod. Endorsements and suggestions welcome.

@ThoraldGM :: (Twitter graphic by IconTexto)


– I call it “Drumline Diner” because my son (a CS major in college) was in high school percussion.
– I used to live down the road from a real Starlite Drive-In Theater.
– The last drive-in movie I saw was a double header (in 1987!): Masters of the Universe and Disorderlies
– Chopped and “Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives” are TV cooking shows. (Chopped makes normal meals with strange ingredients)
– The first game that hooked me was Skyrim. Not a huge leap from Torvald to Thorald, eh? (milk drinker…)


I’m an open-source kinda guy. Just send me a courtesy copy of what you did, and be willing to answer questions if you coded circles around me. Like the vault dweller, I’m learning a strange world (graphics) from a dated background (text-based gaming). I love FO4Edit, but until CK comes out there’s a lot of stuff I want to read that seems to be hidden.

Please lmk if you’d like me to join a big mod project. I prefer projects that have a team of programmers, since I’m still learning Papyrus. I have lots of experience with writing, world building, collaborating, and bug hunting.


Nexus, Bethesda, Valve, Steam, FO4Edit, Bethesda Archive Extractor, Champollion, Caprica, Orvid, zilav, lilkandeekid, Rainwhisker, Nukapedia

Proud backer of Elianora and Old World Radio Boston. Life pro tip: Invest in the people who are creating something you believe in.


Diamond City SWAT – Guards have tactical weapons and better headgear with visible faces.

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