Citizen Scientist – Cybernetics – Alpha

Citizen Scientist – Cybernetics – Alpha

In-Game Instructions

The mod begins during the quest Hunter/Hunted, where the schematics to build the base platform and the default modifications are found on a terminal in Greenetech Genetics. That terminal will also give difficult to misinterpret clues as to where the terminals that give the schematics to craft the other mods may be found. All schematics are on unlocked or novice locked terminals.

Crafting of the base platform is done at the Cybertech category of the Armorsmith workbench. Crafting of the modules is done at the armor workbench, just like vanilla armor. Crafting of Medicinal Bioplasm is done at the Chemistry workbench.

Required Mods

Arbitration: Not technically required, but the mod is balanced around Arbitration being installed with recommended settings.

Recommended Mods

Research Projects: A different take on cybernetics (modifies Kellogg’s three implants to take standard armor and power armor mods), among an immense variety of other features

Faster Terminal Display: Essential

Glowing Eyes: For the cyborg look

AS Craftable Institute Workstations: Helps remove the un-immersive feeling that you’re crafting highly advanced implants in your garage


This mod is in a PLAYABLE ALPHA state. Due to the nature of the mod, it is highly unlikely that it will break your game, but (especially given this is my first ever mod) some of the cybernetic mods may not function correctly. Further, the following mods have no (non-role-playing) functionality:

Thermal Optics and Courser Overlay: Waiting on permissions
Metabolic Accelerator, Advanced Combat Sensors, and all Power Mods: Planned interaction with new Survival Difficulty.

Several other cybernetic modules have less exciting placeholder effects.

Additionally, the system by which the perks which let you craft the cybernetics are added to the player is not functional and in all likelihood won’t be until the release of the G.E.C.K. since the implementation will require some very simple scripting. However, the instructions for the work around are simple and presented in as lore friendly a way as possible at the relevant time in-game.

A Note on Balance

This file is balanced around being a mid to late game alternative to power armor on survival difficulty with Arbitration installed with recommended settings. It will very likely be overpowered in base survival.


Edits some terminals to add entries, but with a single exception (Greenetech Genetics gunner entries on terminal b9ae5) does not remove any entries. No other possible compatibility issues

Supporting Lore

By the early 2070s, the advancements in nanotechnology that made possible the recent development of the transistor based microprocessor in 2067 were beginning to be applied to control biology on the nano-scale on which it naturally operates. In 2071, Greenetech Genetics brought to market the first FDA approved gene therapy, targeted at the treatment of several of the most common genetic diseases. Over the next few years, the capabilities of the nascent fields of gene therapy, tissue engineering, and nanobiotechnology made tremendous progress. In the autumn of 2077, Greenetech Genetics, a leader in these emerging biotech fields, had just completed the tape-out of what would have been a revolutionary product: the first generation Modular Nanobionic Modification Platform.

Standard Modification Suite

The modification platform makes permeates all body tissues with Greenetech’s proprietary nanobionic electrofiber, which seamlessly integrates biocompatible nanoelectronic fibers with genetically edited biological tissue, improving the health and strength of the tissue while permitting the harmonious integration of a wide range of cybernetic devices powered by the conversion of blood glucose into electrical current.

Greenetech’s research was also funded in large part by DARPA and the Army Medical Research Command. The Department of Defense was motivated to fund the project by a desire to reduce the need for exorbitantly expensive to manufacture and operate power armor in the war with China by substantially improving the capabilities and survivability of standard infantry.

Pre-War Corporate and Military Modules:

Before the bombs fell, Greenetech had been working with a variety of Commonwealth corporations to develop third party modules for their platform. In the two hundred years since then, the schematics for those models have been scattered throughout the wasteland, but not lost to those who dare to seek them out in the depths of pre-war ruins.

Institute Modules

By reverse-engineering the cybernetic modifications the Institute implanted in Conrad Kellogg using information recovered from the Institute’s network, Kellogg’s Institute designed cybernetics can be integrated as modules into the Greenetech system. These modules, designed and ideally suited for the harsh post-war world, usually offer significant upgrades in some areas compared to prewar designs.

Brotherhood of Steel Modules

The Brotherhood of Steel can also provide access to a variety of schematics for implants salvaged in their quest to recover the cream of pre-war technology. Many of these schematics were recovered from the west coast and the capital wasteland, and consequently can’t be found anywhere else in the Commonwealth.


Authors of FO4Edit and its predecessors

Artwork Credits:

Unknown – could not find the original source of the image with reverse image search. Please message me if you know.

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