Clothing Armour Bat File – enable clothing armor at armor bench

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Clothing Armour Bat File – enable clothing armor at armor bench

If you want to add armor to clothes , if you do not want to align with the railroad or cant because of other alliances or just have not got that far then this bat file is for you .

ok download file.

extract folder .

open folder , then copy or move the ca.txt file and the noca.txt file to main game folder located here C:\Program Files (x86)\Fallout4 or where ever your main file is .

open console using console key which is

Belgian: ù (point keyboard)
Brazilian: `
Canadian Multilingual Standard: è
Danish: Æ
French: ² or ù
Finnish: Ö
German: ^ or ö
Hungarian: ö
Italian: \ or |
Norwegian: ø
Portuguese: ç
Spanish: Ñ
Swedish: ö
Swiss: ¨ (The upper key of the left of the enter key))
Turkish: ”
United States: ~ or ‘ (to the left of enter/return key)
United Kingdom: ‘ (below the @ symbol, on the same key)
Other possible solutions: §, ½

Type in console Bat ca to ADD the ability to mod clothing at the armor bench

Type in console Bat noca to REMOVE the ability to mod clothing at the armor bench

a bat file of all clothing and armor can be found here

List of items that can have armor added to them

Agatha’s Dress
Army Fatigues
Atom Cats Jacket and Jeans
Baseball Uniform
Battered Fedora
Beaded Blazer
Casual Outfit
Checkered Shirt and Slacks
Child of Atom Long Rags
Clean Blue Suit
Clean Grey Suit
Clean Striped Suit
Clean Tan Suit
Courser Uniform
Dirty Army Fatigues
Dirty Black Suit
Dirty Blue Suit
Dirty Grey Suit
Dirty Postman Uniform
Dirty Striped Suit
Dirty Tan Suit
Dirty Trench Coat
Faded Trench Coat
Farmhand Clothes
Father’s Lab Coat
Feathered Dress
Greaser Jacket and Jeans
Green Rag Hat
Green Shirt and Combat Boots
Hooded Rags
Lab Coat
Laundered Blue Dress
Laundered Green Dress
Laundered loungewear
Longshoreman Outfit
Lorenzo’s Suit
MacCready’s Duster
Mechanic Jumpsuit
Military Fatigues
Minuteman Outfit
Newsboy Cap
Padded Blue Jacket
Pastor’s Vestments
Patched Suit
Patched Three-Piece Suit
Postman Uniform
Ratty Skirt
Red Frock Coat
Red Leather Trench Coat
Reginald’s Suit
Rex’s Suit
Sequin Dress
Submariner Uniform
Summer Shorts
Surveyor Outfit
Suspenders and Slacks
Sweater Vest and Slacks
T-Shirt and Slacks
Tattered Rags
Trilby hat
Utility Coveralls
Yellow Trench Coat

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