Commonwealth Overhauled Grasses – COG

Commonwealth Overhauled Grasses – COG

Commonwealth Overhauled Grasses – C.O.G.
This mod was made with FO4Edit, with the help of, Photoshop and Nifscope

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At the moment this mod is in “Alpha” meaning that the grasses may look odd sometimes. There’s lots of files which affect the grass, and clipping is apparent in vanilla game but may be more apparent using this mod as there is more grass, but it will never be game/save breaking. Please post bugs and problems in the the forum tab.

This mod will affect your FPS! To improve your fps, lower the grass distance in the display section in the game options and you can also change the “iMinGrassSize=X” to 40+ to gain better performance. if you have a good GPU or you bottleneck then there will be a significantly less fps impact usually.

“Commonwealth Overhauled Grasses” is a grasses and groundcovers plugin I have made for Fallout 4 in an effort to make the world a lot more detailed and interesting without breaking the game’s lore. I was quite disappointed with the game’s environments as the procedurally generated objects weren’t very interesting and could be quite sparse sometimes. This mod adds more rubble and more grass in the game, along with more rocks, twigs and leaves etc. Grass has been added to areas which didn’t have it before. Some textures have been tweaked, only 3 at the moment although in the future, with updates this is always subject to change. 2 textures have been tweaked to make them less white and more colorful yet they still keep their dead look. I also made the bits of branches on the floor transparent as they were pretty ugly. Please look at any screenshots or videos on this page to get a better understanding of what this mod does, although to truly see what this mod has to offer you should try it for yourself. Feel free to share any media on this mod if you’d like and if you encounter any problems or have questions please feel free to contact me through my Nexusmods account or leave some messages in the comments or forums tabs as I will try to set up areas for specific topics regarding this mod.

For help with mods I suggest visiting Gopher’s Channel and also Gamerpoets for helpful tutorials regarding modding Fallout 4.

Help is wanted! Especially in making textures for small rocks, bricks and rubble so please message me if you want to help! I also want help optimizing the grasses as I have heard re-sizing them causes problems. It would also be great to get some better screenshots and some videos, and I really would love it if someone could make some sort of logo for the mod as i’m not good at that kind of stuff. Please contact me if you want to help in any way.


Use a mod manager! I suggest NMM although I myself find it pretty buggy sometimes but overall makes modding a lot easier.

Download the mod to your mod manager. With NMM simply click on the “Download With Manager” button on the files section.

Make sure you have bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 under [Archive] in your Fallout4Custom.ini


1. Go to Documents/My Games/Fallout4 and open your Fallout4.ini file and add these lines to the [GRASS] section:


The above lines aren’t a typo

2. Install the mod and overwrite all if asked.

3. Enable the .esp plugin “Commonwealth Overhauled Grasses .esp” and keep it at the bottom of your load order.


1. How come? Please leave a reason if you have the time to help me improve it.

2. Double click on the mod in NMM to uninstall, press delete to completely remove it or disable the esp in the plugin section to stop the mod from being activated, although the textures will still remain.


If your game crashes it is very unlikely that it will be this mod. It should be safe to upgrade this mod and uninstall this mod as everything that it does to your game is procedurally generated which means it will create the grasses and objects every time you load a save so it shouldn’t cause your game to bloat or break. Please notify me if this is otherwise. This mod is incompatible with other grass mods as they will edit the same things. The mod which is lower in the load order will overwrite the values of the other.


Bethesda for the game
Zilav and ElminsterAU for the amazing FO4Edit
More Grass by Meltus which I used partially to build off from, using some of the values
People at nexusmods
The modding community as well for any help

There’s probably typos or I missed something so please tell me!

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