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Companion Sneak Buff

NOTE: does not affect Curie, see note 1 below.
another NOTE: not tested with other mods that alter vanilla companions, see note 2 below. Will not affect custom companions.

Players can move from cover to cover but companions kinda wander wherever, so I figured they could use some help to be less of a nuisance. However, since players and companions use the same perks, buffing sneak itself to any degree would make the player basically invisible, as it’s already OP. This mod creates new sneak perks for companions with various levels of improvement to their sneaking ability, see table below. Companions attain perk ranks as they/the player reaches the minimum level for each rank. Originally devised for use with my Sneak Perk Nerf mod (not required), which is why there is a vanilla level version.

The sneak perk has two factors; a sneak skill multiplier (higher is better), and a movement detection multiplier (lower is better):

rank – level – vanilla sneak/mov – buffed sneak/mov – super sneak/mov
sneak 1 – 20%/.90 – 30%/.80 – 40%/.70
sneak 2 – lvl5 – 30%/.80 – 40%/.70 – 50%/.60 – will not trigger floor traps
sneak 3 – lvl12 – 40%/.70 – 50%/.60 – 60%/.50 – will not trigger mines
sneak 4 – lvl23 – 50%/.60 – 60%/.50 – 70%/.40
sneak 5 – lvl38 – 50%/.50 – 60%/.40 – 70%/.30 (only the dog has sneak 5)

Installation: choose one .esp. There will not be an installer.

NOTE 1: Curie has several character entries, none of which (that I found) actually have her final stats or perks. I think the values in the various obvious entries are added to some base entry I have not located, possibly a generic NPC, and altering those entries may have undesired effects, or none at all. If you know anything about this please let me know in the comments. Once I find this base entry I will update the mod.

NOTE 2: I haven’t used any mods that alter companions, so I’m not sure how this mod will interact with other companion mods. The only alteration to the companion entries is to change their Sneak perk to point to the new CompanionSneak perks, so there is an easy way to check if it is working: with the mod installed, open the console, click on your companion and type

hasperk 0004c935

If it returns ‘Rank >> 1’ then they have the vanilla sneak, and the mod is not working. If you want to check for the new sneak perk CompanionSneak directly, then the ID is ##000800 for Rank 1, where ## is the mod code dictated by load order. If the mod is not working (or there is some other unintended effect), try swapping it to before/after whatever other mods you have affecting companions. It is not recommended to use the console to give these new perks to a custom companion without also taking away the vanilla sneak perks (I have nfi what would happen and it’s kinda hard to test what the practical effect is).

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