Companion Tweaks

Companion Tweaks

UPDATE: Okay, I have an update and a beta file up now. See the pinned post in comments for beta info.

1.2: Added Piper’s “Road Goggles” to Piper’s inventory. She won’t wear them by default, she just has them. (Unlikely to work if you’ve already picked her up, possibly unlikely to work with anything but a new game) Added Live/Love companion perks to Dog, MacCready, Curie, and Cait. They were all missing compatibility for that perk, oddly enough.

Also added a new version that makes Danse loud and clunky!

HACKY FIX FOR MISSING GUN/GOGGLES ON A GAME IN PROGRESS: Use the console and click Piper or Curie and type “resurrect” and that should reset her inventory. Just make sure they don’t have anything you don’t want to go missing.

ParasiteX noted that using “Is CharGen Face Preset” in a mod for human companions keeps them from losing their faces when they’re modded. It works fine for me, so thanks!

I got annoyed with companions breaking my stealth and breaking their legs. In fact, when they broke their legs, they rather often got stuck in the sitting position for quite a while. I can’t fix that, but I can fix other things to keep it from happening so often. And once I started fixing that, I found other problems!

I ticked the “doesn’t affect stealth meter” flag and gave everyone four levels in stealth, just like Cait had. I gave everyone the perk to remove fall damage. I gave Curie her proper gun while I was at it. I re-added Piper’s “Road Goggles” and I added the Live/Love perks to everyone missing them.

That’s all! It’s simple, but all the mods I see that try to address any of these issues either change people’s faces by design or cause the face bug, so I made my own.

Please let me know if the no face bug thing and Curie’s gun fix don’t work as well for you as it does me. As I said, works great for me, but we all know these games are held together by spit and string. And I’m not sure if Curie’s gun fix will work on a game in progress or not.

(For the record, I made the changes to Strong, but I think his AI package is coded to never sneak, and that’s out of my wheelhouse.)

Midnight Voyager
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