Complete Kitchen Overhaul (CKO)

Complete Kitchen Overhaul (CKO)

Complete Kitchen Overhaul

I was really excited to see the number of different kinds of plants and meats we had to cook with, only to be disappointed with the lack of variety in dishes and their effects. In general, I would prefer food be a buff mechanic rather than a replacement for Stimpacks. The Complete Kitchen Overhaul attempts to make cooking take on a more interesting and defined role of providing smaller, long-term buffs when compared to the significant, short term buffs of chems (including healing chems). Food will heal much smaller amounts over a much longer time, and the buffs granted will be more varied and interesting. CKO will also have several modular add-on files (which are perfectly functional on their own if you just want what one of them does) to make the process easier and/or more immersive. This is a WIP, but I have had several people request I post what is done for them to use, so I figured why not? If you like what you see, check back often and/or track to get updates.

Currently Available Modules:

CKO_Wildplants: Converts the item harvested into its more domestic cousin. Includes Mutfruit, Corn, Tarberry, Gourd, Melon, Carrot, Tato and Razorgrain. Changes the names of the wild carrot melon and gourd plants to remove the flower/blossom from their name.
CKO_Adhesive: Not just Adhesives! Adds two new recipes for adhesives to the game (Tarberry Resin and Animal Glue) and revamps Vegetable Startch’s recipe to 2 of each plant rather than three. All three recipes provide 3 adhesive (including Vegetable Starch). Also two new recipes for Cooking Oil, one made with corn and one with siltbeans.
CKO_Watercraft: Allows you to craft Dirty Water at any cooking station with 2 Glass. This assumes you are taking the bottle (all bottles yield 2 glass) and filling it with water from a nearby available (dirty) source. It does not change the Purified Water record, since it’s perfectly reasonable to assume you have to boil off and filter out 2/3 of the volume of dirty water to get actual clean water.

Planned But Unvailable Modules:

CKO_Vanilla: Overhaul all vanilla foods and recipes to incorporate adjustments to healing and buffs.
CKO_Plus: New recipes added for greater variety.
CKO_VanillaSurvival: Changes all but a few very basic recipes to require unlocking through magazines/cookbooks/terminals.
CKO_Magazines: Adds new, unique recipes with each Wasteland Survival Guide Magazine acquired.
CKO_Cookbook: Adds cookbooks in specific locations to teach the best recipes available (Waiting on GECK)
CKO_PackagedFoods: Adds recipes that include packaged foods.

Credits: jasonmbrady
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