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Consolidated Face Melter

Ever want to harness the acidic power of the Mirelurk Queen in a simple weapon form, without having to take those test tubes with you to try to get samples?

Ever want to melt the face/arm/leg off of an Albino Deathclaw or anything in a single hit (provided you’re close enough)?

Getting samples proved to be somewhat suicidal, but though a series of extremely funny and painful deaths I have gathered enough!

I bring to you my second weapon the “Consolidated Face Melter”, the “Burning Melting Goodness”, and the “Toxilator”.

The Consolidated Face Melter requires specialized ammunition called “Queen Spit” (was not easy to aquire) to function.

These guns are each modeled after their respective weapons the Combat Shotgun, Flamer, and the Cryolator and as such has the same mods available to them, and through testing all of them work with these weapons, to make the Shotgun more powerful add anything that says “Automatic”.

The “Queen Spit” that these guns uses is modeled after well… Queen Spit (projectile form), and is extremely toxic and corrosive.

These weapons have a 100% chance of dissolving your enemies into a pile of toxic goo. I also tested them out on already dead corpses and shooting the corpses (or their splattered brain chunks) will dissolve them (or their parts) into goo as well.

*This is my second mod not only for Fallout 4, but for anything… ever. So please go easy on me if I do not know how to fix or understand an issue that randomly comes up.*

*****As long as you do not use this mod for monetary gain, feel free to use this mod however you please.*****

I am also currently working on more unique weapons/ammo/grenades for this game, but I am open to ideas or suggestions (PM me if you have any).

I cannot get the Flamer to stop spewing out fire, I have tried for many many hours, it still does nothing but toxic Mirelurk Queen damage though, just has a flame…

The weapons included in this .esp file are standalone weapons. This file will go into your Fallout4 -> Data folder. If you have a desktop icon right click it and “Open File Location” then drop it into the Data folder. If you just hit “Play” on Steam then go to Program Files -> Steam -> steamapps -> Common -> Fallout4 -> Data. If you are using the Shotgun currently and want to change to the Flamer or the Cryolator versions simply download the new version of this file and replace the .esp already there (the Shotgun comes with both, so you will still have it).

I guess various mod managers will automagically recognize the .esp and check it off. I do not use one for FO4 and if you do not either then go here: Users -> (Your Computer Name) -> AppData -> Local -> Fallout4 -> plugins.txt. Add the line without quotes “ConsolidatedFaceMelter.esp” under the Fallout4.esm in whichever load order you wish, and remember the load order number (Fallout4.esm is load order 0).

To acquire the weapon and ammo in game hit the ` key to bring up the command console.
Then type in without quotes:
“player.additem 0X00AC1D 1” for the Shotgun and “player.additem 0X005417 WWWW” for the Shotgun Ammo
“player.additem 0X00AC1F 1” for the Flamer and “player.additem 0X005419 WWWW” for the Flamer Ammo
“player.additem 0X00AC1E 1” for the Cryolator and “player.additem 0X005418 WWWW” for the Cryolator Ammo
((The X is a variable and whichever load order the .esp is in enter that number in place of the X. The W’s are for the amount of ammo that you want.)) Ex: If your load order is 7, then type in without quotes “player.additem 0700AC1D 1” for the Shotgun.

Thanks to Bethesda of course for the game.

Thanks to the makers of FO4Edit as well which is a great tool with a very minuscule learning curve also.

Thanks also to Leela’s pet Nibbler for giving me ideas for the name (no I did not copy it directly… just almost).

This mod is brought to you from the sick twisted mind of myself, using FO4Edit, if you wish to use this mod or part of it in another mod please read the disclaimer section above, and give me some credit.

Thank you for your downloads/endorsements (hopefully), more weapons to come soon.

Enjoy your new Mirelruk Queen Toxic powers!!

[CheapShamelessPlug]Also be sure to check out my Nuke Rifle for a better way to blow stuff up.[/CheapShamelessPlug]

Credits: Derpsdale
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