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Cool Guys ENB

Cool Guys ENB is just one cool guy and one not so cool but possibly cool Paladin travelling the Boston wasteland looking cool.
It uses enb binary v0.293

To install:
Download True Storms Wastland edition – required as I tweaked the preset to look cool with this mod.
Anamorphic lens flare – required for lens flare effects however it is optional but I think it suits sci-fi look and makes lights look cool. Get it from the files page of mod.
Legendary Lamps – nights in this mod are much darker than vanilla, this mod is cool and so you need it.

Drop the binary files d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll from the 0.293 enb series folder into your Fallout 4 install directory like so:

Drop all the files from the Cool Guys ENB folder into the same directory.
Play game!


You can also apply some personal ram settings for enb, this doesn’t have a big effect on fallout 4 like it did with Skyrim but it’s useful if you plan to run 4k mods EVERYWHERE.
Download Enb Vram tool
Run Dx11 version of it and record reported ram. Like so,

Now open enblocal.ini and search for the following,
[MEMORY] ForceVideoMemorySize=false

Change ForceVideoMemorySize= to true.
Change VideoMemorySizeMb= to value reported by vram tool.

Mods that do not play nice with this preset

Any mod which alters the weather, saying that though you may try different weather mods but be sure to use one at a time.

Share your pics so I can look at how cool you are.

Cool guy Boris Vorontsov for the creation of enb series
Every single preset cool guy from midhras to confidenceman.
tapioks for the creation of his enb lens and then sharing it like a cool guy.

Andrew Calvisi
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