Covenant – irrigated and slightly expanded

Covenant – irrigated and slightly expanded

The goal is achieved, even though I had to do it different to what I wanted to, but at least, it works.

This mod gives you access to the shore, without making the area too big or ridiculous large.

If you look at the pictures, you can use the additional space outside the walls, that I have covered with those concrete shack foundations for wahtever you might need them – besides that, I added the whole space between the entry and the shore, so you can put those large purifiers there.

Yes, the road is part of the settlement too, that’s why I decided to put the walls as shown on the images, but you are free to use the area to your demands – caravans have no problems, you can see that on one of the pictures too.

The Issues are the same as with every other mod: don’t stuff things there, that you want to keep “forever”, since every changed cell will be hit by one or more bugs, sooner or later.


This Version now is exactly what I had in mind from the beginning – an additonal lot, without extending the main area too much and to keep the road outside.

The additional lot can be used like the main area, I’ve put the caravan/trader point there and as you can see on one of the new pictures, the Dos and his guys were using it without any problems, except from the second Brahmin trying to walk up the wall πŸ˜‰

Why I’ve shifted the place a little bit ? To include that tiny pond and because the caravans and traders usually are coming from the other side, so this way they have more space to move.

The last picture is showing how you could get started and is used for orientation – the space between the new area and the first version is exactly three concrete shack foundations wide.

I won’t include this one in the all-in-one and unfortunatly, different to my updated Oberland Station expansion, it is not possible to use both, without a BIG possibility that you will run into problems – so use the old one for existing games and this only for new playtroughs – I am NOT accountable if you do something different !

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What is this mod use for

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