Craft-able Standalone Storm Trooper Armour

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Craft-able Standalone Storm Trooper Armour


Just a simple re-texture of the combat armour to make it white so you can role play or do whatever as a Storm Trooper.
This is like stiptikspec’s mod Stormtrooper Combat Armourbut it is standalone and craft-able. I made my own re-texture
but am still crediting stiptikspec as he came up with the idea first. I liked what he did but just wanted it standalone as
I didn’t like the random white armour on some npc’s haha. Still need to download Storm Trooper helmet mod.

*Fixed it* now works with the latest version of Armorsmith extended and Armor & Weapons Keywords πŸ™‚

Right now I don’t know how to change the name of the armor when you obtain it because it will say “combat armor” but u can rename it with armorsmith extended and or crafting workbenches I think


Install using NMM or manually drag and drop the files into the data folder.


Unfortunately on how I wanted the mod to be crafted, it requires Armor Keywords Community Resource and Armorsmith Extended do be installed to be able to use this mod as they are master files.


Use the Armorsmith workbench from Armorsmith Extended and it will be located under the OTHER tab.
Costs 100 plastic each to make lmao.

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What is this mod use for

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