Craft Frenzy Grenades

Craft Frenzy Grenades

Quick simple mod that allows you to create frenzy grenades similar to the ones you can create from the HalluciGen canisters.

They are not the exact same ones, they are a new object called Frenzy Gas Grenades instead of HalluciGen Gas Grenades, but they do the exact same thing.

Basically all I did was copy the HalluciGen Gas grenade so I didn’t have to touch it in case of incompatibilties, renamed the copy to Frenzy Gas Grenades, and made a slightly different recipe for them.

They have the same perk requirements as plasma grenades, and have nearly the same component requirements, but instead of circuitry, require acid. And of course, you don’t need the HalluciGen Canisters.

Why make this?

If like me you gain an immense amount of satisfaction watching your enemies kill each other whilst you kick back eating popcorn. That, but mainly because there is only a limited supply of HalluciGen canisters to make them, and there’s only a 50% chance the frenzy effect will trigger at that, so I wanted a way to make more. I’m not sure if more canisters respawn at that place, but still they are very limited, and a bit of a pain to keep going back there if they do.

Created with FO4Edit.


I don’t think there’s a need to explain how to install by now. This should help. NMM should do it anyway.

So that’s it. Have fun.

Credits: Borjoyzee
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