Craftable Armours

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Craftable Armours


Download full version of “Ultimate Crafting” here:
It contains weapons crafting, ammunition crafting, etc. (Don’t download it with this mod, “Ultimate Crafting” already contains this).

Road Leathers (No Perks)
Harness (No Perks)
Long Johns (No Perks)
Leather Chest Piece (Armorer 1)
Leather Right Leg (Armorer 1)
Leather Left Leg (Armorer 1)
Leather Right Arm (Armorer 1)
Leather Left Arm (Armorer 1)
Raider Chest Piece (Armorer 2)
Raider Right Leg (Armorer 2)
Raider Left Leg (Armorer 2)
Raider Right Arm (Armorer 2)
Raider Left Arm (Armorer 2)
Metal Chest Piece (Armorer 3)
Metal Right Leg (Armorer 3)
Metal Left Leg (Armorer 3)
Metal Right Arm (Armorer 3)
Metal Left Arm (Armorer 3)
Combat Armor Chest Piece (Armorer 4)
Combat Armor Right Leg (Armorer 4)
Combat Armor Left Leg (Armorer 4)
Combat Armor Right Arm (Armorer 4)
Combat Armor Left Arm (Armorer 4)
Combat Armor Helmet (Armorer 4)

(Heavy/Sturdy/Normal is randomized)

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What is this mod use for

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