Craftable Display Mannequins – NPCs and PC as well

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Craftable Display Mannequins – NPCs and PC as well

Version 3.3 Changelog
-Removed the random settlers they were causing too many issues
-Added more scaling options
-Added a “Lock Position” option, use if they seem to move around onload
-Added the ability to placeanywhere but it only takes effect on newly placed mannequins in this version sorry.

Version 3.1 Changelog
-Fixed Black Face bug (Won’t take effect until after a new mannequin has been crafted and then a save/load)
-Added Scaling option to menu
-Added random settler mannequins
-Added synths but they still wont wear anything

Version 3.1 changes Video

I: Video
II: Description
III: Features
IV: Included Mannequins
V: Available Animations
VI: Known Bugs

Allows you to craft mannequins under decorations/statues at any workbench.

I: Allows you to display apparel and most weapons on the mannequins
II: Nine animations to choose from for non-supermutant Humanoids
III: Six Animations for Super Mutants
IV: Four Animations for dogs
V: Variable length animation timers to get that exact pose you want
VI: Variable length load timers for those with large settlements etc
VII: New menus for selecting animations, no more rotations you can select exactly

I: You, the player, as you appear when you place it
II: Cait
III: Curie
IV: Deacon
V: Desdemona
VI: Dogmeat
VII: Raider Dogs
VIII: Elder Maxson
IX: Father
X: Geneva
XI: MacCready
XII: Paladin Danse
XIII: Piper
XIV: Strong

Humanoid Poses (Non Supermutant)
I: Default Standing
II: Pointing
III: Clapping
IV: Winning
V: Sneaking
VI: Thinking
VII: Drawn Weapon
VIII: Military
IX: Smoking

Super Mutant Poses
I: Default Standing
II: Throw Grenade
III: Swimming in Air
IV: Fall Down Injured
V: Hand Over Item
VI: Inject Cure
VII: Weapon Drawn

Dog Poses
I: Default Animations
II: Laying Down
III: Sitting
IV: Playing With Toy

I: Sometimes when loading a game directly next to them they can get black faces which is only acceptable for the Robert Downy Jr mannequin. This is fixed by simply starting their animation again or just reloading the zone IE fast travel.
II: They ‘eat’ non modified weapons if you give them to them. Just put almost any modification that’s visual on the gun and they will stop NOM NOMING it.
III: Animations are not always exactly as you left them. This is not a exact science and peoples computers are different and load times vary. Hence why I gave the option to modify them.
IV: They are sometimes invisible, fix this by upping the load timer intensively and stop building such damn huge settlements.

A: You know the answer.

Q: They change their poses a bit when I fast travel.
A: I know, trying to figure out any work around but looks unlikely.

Q: Can I have X as a mannequin?
A: Request it and if it seems popular sure.

Q: You mean no ban for requests this time?
A: Only for requests in regards to mannequins.

Q: What happens if you get into combat with them.
A: They take 0 damage, just talk to them again to clear all combat flags.

Q: If I hit that donate button do you get the money or nexus?
A: It all goes to me sans paypals cut for processing. I am putting this here cause I receive this question intermittently even though when you hit the donate button it CLEARLY says the SAME thing. (IE Your hearts clearly in the right place though your read/comprehension skills are not)

Q: Who is the wind beneath your wings?
A: Eli, even though she’s hating on me right now

Credits: DDProductions83
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