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Craftable Dogs

Never found that bastard Gene who apparently sells junkyard dogs, then I found Craftable Cats and figured those dogs might as well be added as decorations in the same manner. Then stuff got added, dumb options were found and I figured it’s probably better this mod gets uploaded in it’s current state before stuff gets weird.

So, this adds the following to the settlement crafting menu:

Junkyard Dog: same dog as the one Gene gives you, only that it can’t be moved to another settlement (goes for all animals in this mod). Adds +5 defense and +1 happiness to the settlement. Will guard the settlement against attackers and use the dog house. Whether you get a brown or black version is randomized.
Guard Dog: Uses the Dogmeat texture, otherwise functions in the same way as the junkyard dog, except that it’s appearance isn’t randomized.
Junkyard Puppy: smaller version of the junkyard dog, works in the same way except it doesn’t defend against attackers and doesn’t give any defense rating. (it’s a puppy, they suck at hurting things except themselves). Now adds +5 happiness.
Guard Puppy: same as the junkyard puppy, but with the Dogmeat skin. Now adds +5 happiness.
Gorilla: Will defend settlement against attackers, adds +5 to defense and +1 to happiness, but work use the dog houses since it’s a gorilla and not a dog. (please ignore the fact that it’s pretty much a dog in a gorilla costume from a game mechanic perspective…)

v 1.1 Adds
Mongrel: 6 versions, including a glowing one. Gives +5 defense and no happiness rating since they look sorta scary. Can’t use the dog houses since I haven’t found a way to do that yet. Gonna try and make that work tho. They can equip bandanas and such items however, if you open their inventory through the console.
Yao Guai: 4 versions, including a glowing one. Requires the 2nd perk of Animal Friend to use, main reason for this is that they are really powerful and it makes some sense from a lore perspective (sort of…). They add +10 defense but no happiness, they’re not as adorable as the junkyard dog or gorilla after all…

Note: The puppies can use the dog houses, but when they enter it, they magically grow in size to that of an adult dog, only to shrink back after exiting it. Have no idea how to fix that one right now, and it looks funny enough that I’ll probably let it be that way unless someone finds out how to fix it. They also seems to act a bit weird when placed on foundations, fast traveling to another location and back again fixes this.

Also, the size of all animals is slightly randomized, seems like the junkyard dog is like this by default, and when you spam 30 different dogs, the slight change in size makes them seem less like clones, so prefer it that way personally.

They are located in decorations/miscellaneous which is the same menu as the dog house is in and can be crafted for caps (junkyard dogs), corn (the gorilla, since bananas were presumably destroyed by the communists during the war according to imaginary fallout lore) or mirelurk meat (the guard dogs) since mirelurks are awful and everyone should be encouraged to kill them more often. They can also be stored and scrapped (totally realistic) and seems to work pretty bug free. It should also be compatible with settlement keywords since it doesn’t add any new menus to the game, but it will work without it as well.

Lastly, while you can’t interact with the dogs can be equipped with dog items, if you use the command console. (if you have a phobia for the command console, please know that it’s not that dangerous, it’s in fact pretty useful…)
Just make sure you have whatever item you wanna put on them in your inventory, open the console, click on the dog to get it’s reference number (something like ff01337666), then type ########.openactorcontainer 1 (######= that ref id), and you should have a regular trade menu like the ones with the settlers. Just close the console and trade+equip the item.

mm137 for the Craftable Cats mod, which was the reason I even made this mod in the first place.


Thanks Slipkorn20

Thanks With10Cubes

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