Craftable Enemy Spawner

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Craftable Enemy Spawner

What it does:

Ever wanted to test your line of defense in one of your settlements? Or maybe a small (or big) arena fight you can watch from safe distance? With this mod you can! No console commands or nasty bat files! Just craft the spawn point and connect it to a switch. Whenever you turn the switch on, a message box will pop up that lets you choose which enemy and how many of them you want to spawn. The following enemies can be spawned:

Creatures (Bloatfly, Deathclaw, Mirelurk, Mirelurk Queen, Molerat, Rad Roach, Rad Scorpion, Yao Guai)
Humanoids (Feral Ghoul, Gunner – Melee, Gunner – Missile, Raider – Melee, Raider – Missile)
Robots (Assaultron, Mr. Gutsy, Protectron, Sentry Bot, Synth – Melee, Synth – Missile)
Super Mutants (Behemoth, Super Mutant – Melee, Super Mutant – Missile)

After you have selected an enemy type you have to choose the number of enemies you want to spawn. Please note that spawning a huge amount of enemies can cause freeze or CTD on slower computers.

I am planing on making this usable with a terminal instead of message boxes, but as there is a lot of not yet decoded data in it, this will have to wait until I get my hands on the CK.

The spawn point can be found in “Security => Guard Posts”. Enjoy!

Known Issues:

Activating two spawn points with the same switch can cause some weird behavior. Just don’t do it.
Also if you have a complex wiring you can have strange issues like power where no power should be. This seams to be a vanilla bug. If something like this happens, you have to scrap/store all connectors and try to build it again.

How to install:

Extract the downloaded zip file.
Copy contents into the Data folder inside your Fallout 4 installation directory.
Activate CraftableEnemySpawner.esp with your favorite mod manager.

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