Crafting in Fallout 4 – Ultimate Craft

Crafting in Fallout 4 – Ultimate Craft

Ultimate Crafting. Everything you ever wanted in Fallout 4. Almost every craftable weapon, from the .44 to the Syringer, with crafting material amount based on the rarity and power of the craftable item. If it is a Fat Man, you’re going to need a lot of steel, nuclear material, etc. If it’s a crappy lil’ pipe gun, you’ll need 1 of 2 materials. Same goes for the melee weapons, the ammunition, and the fusion core. That’s right, fusion core. Acceptably difficult to craft, just as everything else the stronger it is. You may not be a fan of it. You may want to be able to craft weapons with fewer materials, but I made this mod for me, and to me it feels very balanced and immersive. Ammo should not be too hard or too easy to acquire. Especially through crafting. Same goes for any kind of weaponry. …Did I mention this mod has Nuka Grenade and Nuke Mine? Nothing too serious, rare, etc. I haven’t even included the institute pistol, because it heavily damages the immersion of the game. Who are you to craft an institute weapon before you even know what the institute is?

Now, as everyone who comes on here to seek and download mods, you want to know how this will affect your game. I know I do. I’m paranoid half the time. I don’t want to corrupt it or anything.
Well let me promise to you, this is simply an addition to the game. Nothing is changed or replaced. You just gain a few new categories in your
Chem Lab Workbench. Remove the mod anytime, or add it back in. It’s as simple as that.
I spent over 6 hours organizing everything into their own categories, in addition a lot more time uploading the mod. Literally the entire day, and I accidentally deleted everything. Lucky for me, I had a backup. I hope you can appreciate my hard work. I didn’t only do this for myself, I wanted the community to try my mod out, too… and I took the time to organise every craftable weapon neatly into their rightful category, and not mixed all together within the Utilities category.

Here is a list of categories and their contents:
(Keep in mind, the rarer or the powerful the item is, the harder it will be to craft. Download and see if you like how
I set everything up. The rarity/power of the item may also affect the amount of it which you get when it is crafted e.g.
1 Mini Nuke, 20 Flamer Fuel, 1 Fusion Core, 20 5mm).

.308 Round
.38 Round
.44 Round
.45 Round
.50 Caliber
5mm Round
5.56 Round
10mm Round
Shotgun Shell
Mini Nuke
Plasma Cartridge
Fusion Cell
Gamma Round
Flamer Fuel
Cryo Cell
Alien Blaster Ammo
Railway Spike

Fusion Core

Nuka Grenade

Stealth Boy

Purified Water
Blood Pack

Purified Blamco Brand Mac and Cheese
Purified Dandy Boy Apples
Purified Fancy Lads Snack Cakes
Purified Cram
Purified Pork n’ Beans
Purified Potato Crisps
Purified Sugar Bombs
Purified Bubble Gum
Purified Corn
Purified Gum Drops
Purified Mutfruit
Purified Instamash
Purified Salisbury Steak
Purified Yum Yum Deviled Eggs
Purified Sweet Roll
Purified Nuka Cola
Purified Nuka Cherry
Purified Tato
Purified Tarberry
Purified Razorgrain
Purified Gourd
Purified Carrot
Purified Melon
Purified Ice Cold Nuka Cola
Purified Ice Cold Nuka Cherry

Nuke Mine

Boxing Glove
Chinese Officer Sword
Lead Pipe
Pipe Wrench
Pool Cue
Power Fist
Revolutionary Sword
Rolling Pin
Super Sledge
Tire Iron
Walking Cane
Deathclaw Gauntlet
Combat Knife
Baseball Bat

.44 Revolver
Laser Gun
Pipe Gun
Pipe Revolver
Pipe Bolt Action
Submachine Gun
Fat Man
Double Barrel Shotgun
Junk Jet
Plasma Gun
Gamma Gun
10mm Pistol
Combat Rifle
Gatling Laser
Combat Shotgun
Assault Rifle
Missile Launcher
Hunting Rifle
Laser Musket

Additionally, you get to add a “legendary” perk when upgrading your weapons and armour for 50 of Crystal, 50 of Gold, 50 of Nuclear Material and 50 of Silver. Choose your weapon/armour perk wisely, and feel satisfied. You may remove this addon by going into your data after the mod is installed, and removing “Ultimate_Crafting1”

If you feel like another weapon/ammo/other should be added, or one that is already there is needed to be tweaked for balance, let me know. I’m open for suggestions.

Credits: Vigland
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