Crocodile Hairstyle

Crocodile Hairstyle

Crocodile Hairstyle

adds new hairstyles to the game. i’m going to continue adding more hair mods to this as i make them.

use nmm and make sure you activate the esp. ONLY INSTALL ONE OF THE MAIN FILES!
or, if you want to install the mod manually, you can do that too. just put the files where they need to go and activate the esp.

– braids hairstyle for f!pc

available hairstyles with this mod:

Maximum Casual – combines colonial hair with casual kempt for a messier ponytail.
Cinnamon Buns – it’s just the pigtails hairstyle but with buns instead.
Hair Tie – ponytail with bangs from the sophisticate hairstyle
Cinnamon Bangs – the cinnamon buns hairstyle but with bangs, as requested.
Cinnamon Bangs v2 – different bangs with the buns hairstyle
Sporty – ponytail with shorter bangs. this was the first hair mod i made, and originally i intended to keep it to myself but i changed my mind.
Hog Tails – vanilla fairy tails hairstyle with thicker pigtails. the pigtails still move in the game like they do in the vanilla hairstyle.
Picture Day – adds bangs to elegant hairstyle

1.01 – fixed a bug where the buns would try to have their own adventure, the buns are now secure.
1.02 – added a new hairstyle called “hair tie”
1.03 – added a new hairstyle called “cinnamon bangs”
1.04 – added 3 new hairstyles, “cinnamon bangs v2” “hog tails” and “sporty”
1.05 – a handful of very minor tweaks to the regular file. you probably won’t notice them. also added an additional main file with the option to get all of these hairstyles for either given player character.
1.06 – one of the hairstyles bugged out in the last upload and nexus made me update the version in order to put the corrected files up
1.07 – fixed the strings and bumps in the various bun hairstyles, aka i taught the sole survivor how to use a comb when they do their hair every morning
1.08 – added a new hairstyle, “picture day” for f!pc on the regular file and for everyone on the for everyone file.

WITH UPDATE 1.07 – i updated some of the parts that goes to the buns hairstyle, so if you already had the hair on your character when you load the game, it might not load up exactly right because i changed it from the previous version. to fix this, simply get a haircut in one of the towns OR use the console command “showlooksmenu player 1” and go like you’re going to change their hairstyle and reselect the same hair you want, and it should show up right this time.
uninstall with nmm.
or delete the files and deactivate the esp.
also if you have the hair on your pc when you uninstall, your character might have weird looking hair or might just be bald when you load your game again. just go get a haircut or use console commands to change the hair and that should fix it. or change to a different hairstyle before you uninstall.

I used fo4edit and bodyslide to make these btw.

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