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CROSS Pre-War Cybernetics

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CROSS Pre-War Cybernetics
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Pre-war Cybernetics come to the commonwealth wasteland. This mod adds the Cybernetics Lab Workbench, and 3 pieces of armor (and a pair of RoboHand-gloves), each with a significant amount of customization including vanilla lining mods, special Gadget mods, advanced Frame mods, cybernetic implants, firmware upgrades, and 20+ paint/pattern options. The three main pieces have light/medium/heavy variations, and the ‘RoboHand’ gloves can be modded to be exclusive to either the left/right hand. All items are worn as armor and generally will fit with vanilla outfits (RoboGloves cant be worn with some vanilla ‘gloved’ outfits), as well as fitting on male and female characters.

A note on fitting CyberArms over vanilla outfits:
Vanilla under-armor outfits use a brute force scaling technique on over-armor to reduce clipping. This effect is far too powerful in some cases, and as such can cause significant warping on CyberArm Armatures with some underoutfits. This warping effect can be minimized by either wearing ‘tight’ underarmor outfits (BoS uniform, Raider Harness, ect), AND OR by altering your character’s weight (the skinny/average sizes work best) in the ShowLooksMenu/surgery center. The first-person models Have been specially made to not clip over the pipboy at any size. You will need another mod if you wish to hide the pipboy in 3rd person, this mod will not do that for you.

DESCRIPTIONS OF MODs can be viewed at the Armorwork bench.

CBBE Bodyslide files are included for female versions, these may help with clipping, but are not necessary.


All Armors AND mods unique to this mod are made at a new workbench, the CYBERNETICS LAB. The new workbench can be built from the same menu as the vanilla workbenches with some minor components and the first rank of the ‘Science!’ perk (does not require local leader). The Cybernetics Lab builds both the basic frame and special mods for the frame, HOWEVER the mods must taken to and APPLIED AT THE ARMOR BENCH.


The base limb armatures are nearly free and buildable easily at level 1, with the torso piece being the first major upgrade. Vanilla-standard armor mods/Paint/Size-mods can be applied for standard progression. From there things get more complex, the more unique Firmware/Implant/gadget/frame mods are significantly more powerful than vanilla armor mods and require more than just Armorsmith and Science perks, as well as large investments of rare components.

Many of the unique mods require more than just the basic crafting perks, for example the lockpicking auto-picker mod requires both locksmith1 and robotics-expert1. The general idea is that CyberArm mods support a more role-playing playstyle and reward you for branching out your perk tree instead of just taking the few perks that really matter. Think of it this way: A Sole-Survivor who barely understands how to properly apply a stimpack probably shouldn’t be tooling around with Implants attached directly to the spine!

All of this is subject to change, feel free to comment on balance issues.


Examples of just a few of the unique mods at release:

Arm Firmware mods
Tracking Matrix -Recon Spotting on all weapons.

Arm Gadget mods
Lifting Servos -Full mobility while holding Heavy Weapons.
Overpressure Pneumatics -Unarmed attacks do +10% damage, and can explode heads.
Magazine Auto-Ejector -Reloading costs no Action Points in V.A.T.S.

Body Implant mods
Dialysis Implant -Regen 20 HP per minute.
Bioelectric Acvtive Camo Mk.I -Visual distortion while sneaking. Drains 1.5 AP per sec sitting, 6 AP per sec moving.

Body Gadgets
Stim Enhancer -Stimpacks heal for 10% more

Uniframe mods (fits on body and arms):
Balanced Frame -5% movespeed
Precision Linear Actuators -+1 Agility


Ideas for the future:
More medium armors (Combat/raider ect).
More Heavy armors (PA armor types).
More mods for firmware/implants/frames.
More Paint colors and custom paint jobs.
Faction Decal mods.


This mod was made with:
NifSkope, assigning materials/textures.
xEdit, making the plugin.
Material Editor, assigning textures via materials.
Outfit studio, by Ousnius, Bodyslide files.


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