Croup Manor – decent expansion and adjustment

Croup Manor – decent expansion and adjustment

I first made this just for me, since Croup Manor has always been annoying, with all these constantly respawning ghoul corpses, but after I had seen another absolutly ridiculous expansion of the area, I decided to make it public.

As you can see on the pictures, it is about 25 percent larger and let’s you build beneath the cliff, so you can use water purifiers and even though I have never witness this bug, I think if you are placing the walls like I have, or in a similar fashion, you might be able to prevent your settlers from “diving”.

To make sure that they have the possibility to get back up, even when they should take a dive, I have made both sides of the cliff wide enough to not only put a purifier, but also to place a ladder – mine is reaching deep enough into the water to “jump” on it and then get up.

Now, the inevitable information:

There are no bugs caused directly by this mod, BUT !!! like every other settlement-mod, that is changing anything about the cell, you WILL witness the PA-reset, because this so called “cell-reset” is caused by the game itself and a known bug.

Bethesda might look at it a different way, but it is fact, that this “cell-reset” even happens in completly vanilla games e.g installations !

In other words: the cell-reset happens to everybody sooner or later, but some people don’t witness it, cause they usually do not leave their PA in different places and the use of mods like this, or any other similar mods, just makes it worse, cause the bug is “transported” to EVERY changed cell.

That’s why the reset can even happen in GoodNeighbour and such, especially if you are using mods that are removing dispensable objects and waste.
That’s why the reset even happens at locations, you have never been before and so on.

So be aware, you have been informed and I suggest you are storing your collection of PAs at the HomePlate, since it seems to be the only place, that is not affected by this bug and who knows, why that is.

Maybe the mod, that lets you scrap and rebuild PA-frames helps, but you have to find out yourself.

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