Custom legendary modifications

Custom legendary modifications

For now, this long description just a placeholder. I’ll be uploading my test legendary modifications here as initial mods I’ll be making is really just for myself, but I thought I should share if anyone wants. I will make the initial versions not to require materials. The upcoming versions will require materials, as soon as I learn how to add crafting requirements. GECK would speed this process up if it’s released early, however I’ll keep the no material required versions up to date with the upcoming just in case anyone wants them.

This only contains one legendary mod. I will be making more later.

I am planning to make more legendary modifications. For now this only has immunity to radiation thing. I intend this mod to apply to both armour and power armour. I will work on the weapons later as i’m still learning the FO4edit.

I don’t know what you guys want, so it would be good if you could request them.

Update as of 12/12/2015 – I wasn’t specific enough it seems
The request templates should be:
Name: Name of effect or legendary.
Weapon or armor: whichever you me to make.
Cost: 00 xx (00 meaning how much you want that said xx = material costs)
Effect: State what effect you want

Example below:
Name: Real Lucky
Weapon or armor: Weapon
Cost: 10 nuclear fusions
Effect: Increases your critical chances to 100%

^ This should be enough for me to figure out what you want.

Note: I may not be able take all requests due to the lack of proper mod tool. I will tell you upfront if I find I cannot make a new effect due to some limitations or some other reason.

Compatibility –
There shouldn’t be any compatibility issues since my custom legendary modifications use completely new and custom records.

Installation –
Either manually or through NMM or any of mod launchers. Doesn’t matter as it’s just an ESP file.

teaLz – for the inspiration that came from his Legendary Modification mod and showing me how to create the custom legendary modifications and then make them craftable.

Credits: Thingy123
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What is this mod use for

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