Cyan Does Boston

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Cyan Does Boston

Some of you may remember Cyan my raider follower for Fallout New Vegas. This is a very early attempt to bring her to Fallout 4.

Since we have no GECK yet, this mod is currently hacked together using FO4Edit. Expect limited functionality. Expect bugs. In particular she doesn’t respond to attempts to engage her in conversation, but she can be commanded.

Cyan can be found hanging around outside the entrance to Vault 111 and cannot currently be recruited through dialogue. Instead you need to use the console to recruit her as follows:

Dismiss your current follower
Bring up the console
Click on Cyan (it helps to stand as close to her as possible)
ssq followers
forcerefintoalias companion
setplayerteammate 1

To dismiss her, do the following:

Bring up the console
Click on Cyan
ssq followers
emptyrefalias companion
setplayerteammate 0

Known issues:

Cyan lacks any scripting and as such may not be recognised by the game as a “proper” follower. This may result in undesirable behavior.
She may spawn standing in a weird position with her arms outstretched. This seemed to correct itself for me after recruiting her and fast travelling.
Her hair has a greenish tinge to it. It’s the best I can do by just guessing at numbers in FO4Edit but will hopefully be fixable with the GECK.

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