DarkShadows Standalone Canine Follower

DarkShadows Standalone Canine Follower

This mod is DarkShadows, a canine follower,
which doesn’t take the main companion slot.

DarkShadows is slightly stronger than Dogmeat. But not so OP that he can take a Legendary Mythic Deathclaw on it’s own… That version will be released soon… :o)

Also included is a set of DogArmor, which is compatible with the vanilla Dogmeat companion. These armor pieces offer great protection for both DarkShadows and Dogmeat and are made with special LiquidSilver metal.

NMM should put the bat file in the %fallout4% directory and the esp file, materials\meshes\textures in the main %fallout4%\data directory.

To activate the mod:
1.) Start the game, move out of any settlement and open the console and type “help darkshadows 4 armo” and look at the listing. Do this away from any settlement…
2.) type player.additem # (where # is the number of the DarkShadows Whistle)
3.) Equip the Whistle/Ring which should make DarkShadows show up in a few seconds…
4.) Click on DarkShadows and In the console type “bat SetFollower2me” two times and then type the command listed
“forcerefintoalias companion”…

(( In the event that he just travels to you in a settlement(takes 30 seconds or less from equiping a whistle), the settlers will see him as a hostile and attack him. He may kill several of your settlers… Just run out of town as fast as you can (or fast travel somewhere) and execute the SetFollower2me bat a couple times… Everything should be cool after that… ))

((( Here is what happens when you do it wrong… HOW NOT TO DO IT YOUTUBE Video )))

The skin is a complete standalone from the original vanilla Dogmeat companion, so you can have two different colors to tell them apart.

Special Thanks to MissMorose for allowing me to use the mesh file from her Floppy Eared Dogmeat mod

Shameless Plug of Robtest Mods:

DarkShadows Standalone Canine Follower

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Guns Of Sturges Magnum Super45 updated 2/05/2016

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Dogmeat2 follower updated 02/20/2016

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What is this mod use for

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