Digicide’s Avengers Tower

Digicide’s Avengers Tower

Hey guys! I’ve been asked to post my Avengers Tower on Nexus so people can take a look for themselves.

Feel free to build onto what I have, or change what you see fit. I know there are more creative people out there than myself, so I would love to see what someone else could do!

If you make a YouTube video, please mention where you got the original save game from and link it to my original overview video.
And most importantly, send me the link!!! I want to see what you make!

This build is MOD HEAVY, please make sure you have all mods installed before loading this save.

(see below for full mod list required)

Main Overview Video

The Tour – Part 1

The Tour – Part 2

Mods Required for this save game :
Keep in mind, some of these mods may have been updated since I built the tower, the latest versions should work too

Settlement Keywords
Homemaker (I was on 1.31d, but the latest should be fine – Epic mod. Without this I cant build)
Robot Home Defense
Build High – Expanded Settlements 2.5 (guess why!)
Worsins Power Armor Garage (Full version, otherwise the Power Armor suits wont be painted)
Alternate Settlements
OCD Decorator
Homemaker – Expanded Settlements
Homemaker – Unlocked Institute
Iron Man Power Armor – X01 & Jetpack
Craftable Institute Elevators
Craftable Glass Stuffs (a lot will be missing without this)
Simple Intersections
Simple Intersections – Simple Settlements Upgrades (Required to power everything!)
Mojave Imports
Buildable Power Armor Frames
Craftable Ramps and Rails
Craftable Spiral Staircases
Lightbox Floor and Ceiling Pieces
Concrete Foundations
Unpowered Lightboxes
Longer Power Lines
Elis Craftable Flower Pots
Anime Style Paintings Replacer
Once loaded, you should have the below showing in the plugins tab in NexusMods (thanks lasse1001!):

00 Fallout4.Esm
01 Homemaker.Esm
02 Robot Home Defence.Esm
03 Alternatesettlements.Esp
04 Dont Throw Stones.Esp
05 Ocdecorator.Esp
06 Craftable Institute Elevators – All In One – Homemaker.Esp
07 Mojaveimports.Esp
08 Eli_Plantpots.Esp
09 Simple Intersection – Simple Settlement Upgrades.Esp
0A Buildable_Paframe_V1.3.Esp
0B X01ironman Mk2.Esp
0C X01iron.Esp
0D Worsin’S Paint Garage – Complete Collection.Esp
0E Betterstores.Esp
0F Agent Venom Mask.Esp
10 Guard Chair – D3.Esp
11 Ddp_Lightbox1.Esp

Download the save game to your computer, copy it to your Fallout 4 save directory (C:\Users\YourName\Documents\my games\Fallout4\Saves).
Using the Nexus Mods loader, make sure all of the above mods are loaded. And then double check they are loaded to be sure!
Load Fallout 4, in the save games look for Tony and start πŸ™‚

A huge thanks to all the mod makers in the list above, especially the core mod makers, SabreShark for the Iron Man mod, NovaCoru for Homemaker, mcface for OCDecorator and ThemonWillow for Build High.

Credits: Digicide
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