DURR PLANT – Suicide Bomber Sound Replacement

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DURR PLANT – Suicide Bomber Sound Replacement

(Note: i know that IHE actually hates memes and hates that DURR Plant became a meme, but i don’t fucking care, this is an inside joke, it’s not like Damn Daniel or 21, or What are those, DURR Plant will never become a meme, it will die in a few weeks, i saw people making this thing like if it was an meme, and i joined in, but we don’t actually want it to make it like Damn Daniel)

An inside joke that only fans of “I HATE EVERYTHING” will get.
This mod basically replaces the Suicide Bomber beeping sound into DURR PLANT, the new viral meme that Alex made during the “I HATE DAMN DANIEL” Video


Use NMM or:
Extract contents of .zip file into …\Fallout 4\Data folder so that filepath is …\Fallout 4\Data\sound\fx\wpn\SuicideBomber\
If you have not already changed your Fallout4.ini for modding purposes:
Go to …\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\ and open Fallout4.ini with a text editor.
Find the line:
and replace with:
To uninstall, just delete the files you added.

1) Sorry if the mod doesn’t work or experience any kind of problem, i’m not great at that sort of stuff (modding)
2) If you want instructions on how to replace sounds on your own on Fallout 4 , just ask in the comment section thingy, mkay?
3) If you have suggestions on how to improve this mod or point out problems this mod might have, just comment in the comment section thingy, again, mkay?
4) Since Durr Plant is a meme,(http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/durr-plant) just as people can make troll face mods, I can make a mod about Durr Plant, so i don’t think i’m infringing anyone here. HOWEVER, i’m not a lawyer, which the things i say might be bullshit, SO if what i say is bullshit and violate copyright laws, feel free to report me / take my mod down (pls don’t)
Alex A.K.A I HATE EVERYTHING who made this GLORIOUS MEME (channel link: https://www.youtube.com/user/IHEOfficial)

Vikichan – The person who made MultiXmw the program that i used to transform the Mp3 files into .Xmv files (the type of sound files Bethesda uses in it’s games) http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3159/?

Credits: The Akram Cat
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