DV’s custom Fallout 4 Soundtrack – Wasteland Music

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DV’s custom Fallout 4 Soundtrack – Wasteland Music

Development Log:
RELEASED EXPERIMENTAL COMBAT MUSIC ADDON – Please share your thoughts about it, I am not 100% glad with it, I normally play without Combat Music, but I felt like I had to try this.

THANK YOU for your Feedback, I really apreciate it ! I will add Tracks from time to time, stay tuned πŸ™‚

I really like Inon Zur’s Work for Fallout 4, it is great Work, but I think it’s to friendly and Peaceful sometimes.
So, I decided to figure the Music System out and finally managed to get my Custom Wasteland Soundtrack to work in Fallout 4.

So here it is ! I proudly present to you:

DV’S Custom Fallout 4 Soundtrack – Wasteland Music

I am an Hobby Music Producer since 2011 and I started doing Music Mods 2 Years ago.
This is an enhancement of my previous Mods for the Fallout Games.

This Mod Features:

3+ Hours of Custom, self composed Tracks. Creepy Dungeon Music, Calm Explore Music,
Peaceful Public Music…

This Mod is a Replacement.
Please Note that you still will hear some vanilla Music, because there are many
Audio files left untouched!
I will add new Music from Time to Time and release them as a new Version.
Check the Development Log for further Details !

How to install:

Simply use Nexus Mod Manager.
Otherwhise you can install it manually by just copying the Folder to your “Fallout 4 Data” Directory.

Below you can find a bunch of Videos wich shows some of the Tracks of this Mod.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, I would be glad if you endorse because Producing those Tracks took me countless Hours.


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What is this mod use for

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