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Emended Reshade Preset

A fairly mild Reshade preset that aims to improve the visuals of Fallout 4. It slightly increases saturation, improves the darkness of shadows and ambient occlusion, modifies the tone and colors of the game, as well as a few other features.


Ambient Occlusion
Lift Gamma Gain

*Note* A few screenshots have slightly less bloom than the others, this was a fault on my part. The actual preset contains more bloom/color. It may also seem as if some screenshots are more vibrantly red, but that’s because of the sunset. I wanted the brightness of orange/red colors to stand out when I created the preset, so sunsets and sunrises are more vivid.


Make sure you have no remaining Reshade/SweetFX/ENB files in your Fallout 4 folder before installing. If you have never installed one of these presets before then you’re fine.
Extract all of the files from the .rar archive into your FO4 game directory.
Although this tweak is not shown in the screenshots (I didn’t have it enabled yet), I highly suggest go into your fallout4.ini file and raise the value of fSAOIntensity. Mine is set at 20 and I think it makes the shadows even better.
Please read Reshade’s license agreement before launching your game (EULA.txt).
Run your game and press your ‘scroll lock’ key to toggle the preset on and off.


Delete all of the files in your game directory that are related to Reshade (they have ‘Reshade’ in the file names), as well as dxgi.dll.


Crosire (Reshade)
CeeJay (SweetFX)
Marty McFly (MasterEffect/McFX)
Lucifer Hawk (GemFX)


Here are some mods I would suggest downloading if you want your game to look like mine (besides the Reshade preset, obviously).

Vivid Fallout Landscapes by Hein84
Water Enhancement Textures by SparrowPrince
Radiant Clouds and Fogs by Mangaclub
True Storms by fadingsignal
FAR by SparrowPrince
Fallout Texture Overhaul Stars by Gorgulla
Touch of Green by Stephanie Young
Rock On by 3AMt
Darker Nights by unforbidable
Squire Outfit Dark Camo Retexture by me (clothing)
Wearable Squire Outfit by dragbody and okido (clothing)

If you have any issues or bugs with the preset drop a comment and I’ll look into it. Also, if there’s anything you want me to change with the preset you can suggest it and I could possibly create a new revision/version of it.

Credits: Brody
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