Essential NPC Overhaul

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Essential NPC Overhaul

Coming from New Vegas, I was disappointed with the fact that you couldn’t kill everyone you came across (in fact, a large amount of the named people you come across). I never typically went about killing these people, but I loved the fact that it was an option, especially for raider type play styles. In vanilla Fallout 4, however, a lot of NPCs are flagged as essential or invulnerable and cannot be killed, most of which are not even involved in any important quests.

Now you can! This mod reworks the NPC classification with essential, invulnerable, and protected flags allowing anyone to be killed, with the only exception of companions (and technical NPCs such as the Myserious Stranger and others).

Yes you can kill Marcy Long

(and Jun Long, Mama Murphy, and Sturges and everybody)

Killing people involved in quests will probably break those quests (obviously)
If you want to go about killing everyone, don’t be sad that quests are gone. If you really want to kill quest NPCs, you might want to wait until their quests are completed.

Future Plans
Enable dismemberment of all characters, settlers, etc.
Add killable children functionality
If you find any NPC that is still flagged essential or have any suggestions for the mod, leave some feedback in the comments!

Shout out to FO4Edit for making this mod possible.

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What is this mod use for

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