Fallen Empire (Flag Replacement)

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Fallen Empire (Flag Replacement)

As I feel the game makes more fun, if customizing several textures and individualizing it with the flag you got in mind, I picked an evening for my first mod upload @ Nexus. I always loved the former roman empire’s building- and art design, so I decided, we could implement that to the Fallout universe as well.
And so we got this Texture Replacer Mod!

This mod replaces the Retro-US Flag texture. Usually I do the Texture itself plus the “Normal Map”, if it isn’t contained one time, it’s marked “(x)”.

Current Versions:
European Republic, European Republic(more desaturated).

If you’ve never installed a texture mod, start with step I, else head to step III:

Go to your document file directory (C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Fallout4)

Open Fallout4.ini and look for a line under [Archive], called “sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\”
and change it to: “sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\”.

Extract and paste the “data” folder into the Fallout 4 install directory.
(Usually you won’t be asked if you want to overwrite a file, except you have another flag mod installed.)

+ 17.11.15 | Added French color version as background

Taking some requests atm, so if you have any country flag in mind to add to this collection, let’s do this. 😉

Maybe there’s some work to do, concerning the “used” look.
Tell me, what you think!

If you just wanna have simple country flags without all this stuff in front of it,
check out sherb38607’s mod: Flag Replacements (Multiple Flags).

No issues yet, but a two notes:

European Republic:
– As the flag doesn’t hang in a tight format ingame, it appears, that the upper lettering “European” seems to be barely readable, cause there’s a big, central-top wrinkle on the flag fabrik, that doesn’t let you see a tiny part of the central, upper edge, if you don’t have a higher point of view.

jonwd7 – For his great gate opener: B.A.E. – Bethesda Archive Extractor, thank you very much!

Credits: Thurelh
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