Fallout 4 (Low end PC FPS)

Fallout 4 mods and cheats

Fallout 4 (Low end PC FPS)

First of all
BACKUP your files.

My INI tweaks will simply reduce detail the game has,
Most shadows removed but some still appear since its not really supposed to be turned off.
Outdoor and Indoor meshes load detail/distance reduced.

All post processing turned off.
DOF, Lens flare, SSAO, Godrays.

Performance increase may be different for everyone since we all got our own PCs.
But it will surely increase fps alot if you’re lagging.

(Important stuff)
Go to my fallout4prefs.ini
Go to line sD3DDevice=”AMD Radeon HD 7340 Graphics”
then set sD3DDevice=”YOUR GPU”
copy/move and replace the ini.

Remove the line iPreloadSizeLimit=4194304000 in fallout4.ini if your ram is more than 4GB.

To change resolution go to fallout4prefs.ini and find these lines
iSize H=480
iSize W=640

Dont open launcher options or it will reset the INI files and remove some tweaks.

Just a warning, the line ipresentinterval is default set to 1,
setting it to 0 disables Vsync and removes fps cap but causes bugs and problems,
so just set it back to 1 if you encounter problems.

Try setting fallout4.exe or launcher.exe compatibility mode to windows 7 people reported it helped with performance.
Also try setting fallout4.exe priority to high in task manager.
Confirmed to be working set it to windowed and borderless for less stuttering.

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