Fallout 4 Respec Tool

Fallout 4 Respec Tool

A simple GUI tool to create files containing console commands that you can run from the console in the game.
This allows you to very easily create respec files for your characters and to modify your perks, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points, level, health and carry weight as well as add items such as all crafting components, food, ammo and caps.

– You can now set carry weight to a negative value.
– Added checkboxes to spawn all bobbleheads, magazines and to gain all companion perks.
NOTE: I have not confirmed that the companion perks works. And none of these perks (bobblehead, magazines and companion) will be reset/removed by the reset file. They are permanent.

How to Use:

CAUTION: Always backup your save files before installing mods or altering in-game values by console commands. This software generates .txt files with console commands that you run from the console in-game.

Important Notes:
– The reset file will not refund you any points to spend on perks.
– Perks gained from bobbleheads, magazines or the companion perks will not be reset by the reset file.
– You cannot level your character down, only up.
– Carry weight adds to your current capacity, as such setting it to less than what you have will not set it to that value rather add by that value. If you want to lower it type the following in the console: player.modav carryweight -100 or by whatever number you need.

Download the .rar file and place the Fallout 4 Respec Tool.exe anywhere on your computer and run it.
If you want to respec a current character you have you need to click on the “Perk Reset File” button to generate and save the reset file to your Fallout 4 folder. It will be named “reset.txt” by default, don’t change this, just browse to your Fallout 4 folder and hit save. This will only have to be done once.
Then you can simply move the perk sliders to create your new build and modify any values that you want using the boxes to the left.
Important: You must check the checkbox next to the value you want to modify otherwise it will not be saved into the file.

Once you are satisfied with your respec file simply click on the “Save Script” button and browse to your Fallout 4 folder and save it under any name you wish.
Next go into your game and load up your save file, open up the console and type “bat reset” without the quotations and hit enter. Then type “bat name” where name is whatever you named your script file when you saved it. Hit enter and close the console and you are done.
If you are using a fresh save file and you don’t have any perks invested or if you just want to maximize all your perks you don’t have to use the reset file.


Will the reset file reset my bobblehead, magazine and companion perks?
No. It will only reset the main skill perks.

How do I open the console in-game?
Use the tilde (~) key to open the console, to the left of the 1 key, and below ESC.
Console keys in other languages:

Belgian: ù (point keyboard)
Brazilian: `
Canadian Multilingual Standard: è
Danish: Æ
Estonian: ü
French: ² or ù
Finnish: Ö
German: ^ or ö
Hungarian: ö
Icelandic: Æ
Italian: \ or |
Norwegian: ø
Portuguese: ç
Spanish: Ñ
Swedish: ö
Swiss: ¨ (The upper key of the left of the enter key))
Turkish: ”
United States: ~ or ‘ (to the left of enter/return key)
United Kingdom: ‘ (below the @ symbol, on the same key)
Other possible solutions: §, ½

Should this for some reason not work, you can always set your keyboard’s language layout to US in the Windows control panel. After restarting Fallout 4 pressing the equivalent button from above will open the console.
Source: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout_4_console_commands

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1 Response

  1. Tony Ford says:

    Might be because this is an older mod but for me this tool always corrupts my saves. Sad that there is not an option to open an already saved file instead of having to save the values blindly after setting the values wanted. I was excited to find this tool, but sad to find it caused all files to corrupt. Good thing for me is I always have backups of my backups just in case.

    Be nice if you could make an update of this to allow users to open their game saves, and compare the values to make sure nothing is out of date to cut down on corrupted saving.

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