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Fallout 4 String Patcher

There is now a patch for Better Item Sorting and Full Dialogue Interface on the
mod page of Better Item Sorting. You don’t have to use the program if you were
only concerned about compatibility between these two mods.

I added a batch file (run.bat) to the archive. This should make it easier to use the
program. A guide is in the “How to use?” section.

What does it do?
Mods like Full Dialogue Interface and Better Item Sorting are incompatible because they both replace the file
Fallout4_en.STRINGS. So I wrote a program the solve this issue. This program is able to merge STRINGS files.
It currently can NOT merge DLSTRINGS or ILSTRINGS files!

A word of warning!
This is an early version! It may not work correctly but neither Fallout 4 nor Fallout4Translator complained. Any
changes in STRINGS files shouldn’t affect your save games. If it doesn’t work just replace the file with a backup
and everything should be fine. I say “should” because I have no way to be sure how the game works. Use it at
your own risk.

How to use?
This is a command line program. There is no GUI!

There is now an easier way to use the program. Copy the files you want to merge into the directory where
fo4sp.exe is located. Rename the files to file1.STRINGS and file2.STRINGS. Don’t skip this step! Then just
double-click the file run.bat. A window opens, the program runs and creates the merged file output.STRINGS.
Don’t forget to replace the old file in your Fallout 4 data folder (Data\Strings)

The other way:
Copy the two files you want the merge into the directory where the fo4sp.exe is located (you have to rename
one of them). You then have to open cmd.exe and go into the directory where the fo4sp.exe is located. You
then call it like this (replace FILE1 and FILE2 with the file names):

fo4sp.exe -m FILE1 FILE2

For example I renamed the Fallout4_en.STRINGS file from Better Inventory Sorting to sort.STRINGS and copied it
and the file from Full Dialogue Interface into the same directory as fo4sp.exe. Then:

fo4sp.exe -m sort.STRINGS Fallout4_en.STRINGS

does the job.

It merges the 2 files and writes the result into output.STRINGS in the same directory. You then have to replace
your old Fallout4_en.STRINGS in Data\Strings (make a backup!) with the new file.

Order matters!
If both files change the same string (both are different from the vanilla strings) the second file you pass as an
argument takes precedence. For Better Item Sorting and Full Dialogue Interface let Full Dialogue Interface
overwrite Better Item Sorting to get the best solution.

Q: Does this work with other languages?
A: The program doesn’t care about languages. If you merge two french files you get a french file. If you merge a
french and an english file you get file that is part french and part english. And of course the STRINGS files
will have a slightly different name, like Fallout4_fr.STRINGS or Fallout4_de.STRINGS.
As of version 0.1.3 it does NOT work! I’m working on it.

Q: Is there a way to use this program without fiddling with a command line?
A: There is now. I added a batch file to the archive.

Q: Why is this so complicated? Why no GUI?
A: I’m lazy.

Q: How do I open cmd.exe?
A: Just use google.

Q: Ok I opened cmd.exe. But how do I go into the directory?
A: If fo4sp.exe is on a drive other than C: type the drive letter followed by a colon (for example D:)
and press enter. If it’s already on the C: drive you don’t have to do this. Than type:

cd X:\path\to/the\file

and press enter. So maybe you downloaded it to D:\Downloads\Fallout 4 stuff\. You then type:

press enter
cd “D:\Downloads\Fallout 4 stuff\”
press enter

You can press TAB to autocomplete the path.

Whoever contributed to this wiki page

Credits: Stryke131
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