Female X6-88 Voice

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Female X6-88 Voice

This is a relatively dirty but functional modification of all ~1600 voice lines X6-88 has.
It’s fairly rough (there’s some slight distortion, and they’re a little quieter than stock) but it works. I’m not sure how to actually package a mod that makes
X6-88 female, so I’m just uploading the voice files.

An example of one of the lines can be listened to here.

If someone with more audio editing experience wants to clean up the distortion, feel free. It kind of works with the Synth aesthetic, though.

If you want your X6-88 to be female, the best method I’ve found is this:

-Open up the console (using tilde)
-Click on X6-88, make a note of the ID in the center of the screen (A string of numbers and letters, usually starting with 000)
-type “SLM” followed by that string (For example, SLM 00012E45)
-with X6-88 still selected, type “sexchange”
-if you did this inside of the SLM menu, it should turn X6-88’s face and body female. Hit the “finish” button in the SLM menu.
-Reopen the SLM menu.You have to exit out of it without modifying the NPC the first time around so that the game actually recognizes them as female the second time. Otherwise, you end up with male customization options and a male head on a female body.

At this point, you should have your female X6-88. Tweak them any time using the SLM menu.

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