Fiona – Not your average 2077 housewife

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Fiona – Not your average 2077 housewife

First off, this is my first ever upload to nexusmods, so be gentle internet. Please. It’s my first time. Also, MY PC is pretty low end, and I know these screenshots aren’t great, but I’m fairly confident she will look a whole lot better on a decent PC.

Save file starts at Sanctuary, just after escaping Vault 111. Nothing has happened yet, and we haven’t spoken to Codsworth. This save game allows you start from (practically) the very beginning of the game, with my personal build for my favorite Sole Survivor. I created this mostly for myself, but I thought others might enjoy it as well. I thoroughly explain stats, inventory, and mods used below.

So the backstory that justifies this save game (skip to the next section if you don’t care):

Fiona isn’t your average 2077 housewife who gave up her career to raise her child. Her husband Nate was not only a former soldier, but also a borderline fanatic survivalist. Though Fiona called him paranoid more times then he cared for, she always had the comfortable notion in the back of her mind that her husband was taking care of everything. For years he trained her, drilling on weapons handling, maintenance, tactics, escape and evasion, covert operations, all of which she went along with half halfheartedly – at least it was a hobby they could share. She would never admit it outright, but she enjoyed their time together. Before long it became obvious that she had a natural talent for precision long range marksmanship, and was more then adequate with firearms of every size and shape. Her physique, natural sense of self awareness and perception made her such a stealthy figure that even government trained spooks would have been impressed by her abilities. During the pregnancy the training died off, but it never left her. After all the years of practice she delighted in sneaking up behind Nate and poking him in the ribs with her finger – he jumped every time.

As the war escalated Nate became increasing concerned for his family. He began squirreling away supplies, becoming distant, distracted, spending money on god knows what. The day before the bombs fell Fiona confronted him on their depleted bank account. All he had to say was that some day soon she would be grateful, and that if he wasn’t around to show her the way, that she should look inside the walls. Taken aback, Fiona relented. She knew that Nate had her and their child’s best intentions in mind, and that it came from a place of love. They made up and went to bed.

Practically the next thing she remembered was coming out of cryo stasis, with a few horrible dream-like memories in between. She ran straight back to their home in Sanctuary Hills, sprinted right past Codsworth with tears in her eyes, barely registering her new reality, and began tearing down the drywall of her home with her bare hands….

This save game starts with Fiona at Level 52, with my personal selection of perks, a hearty supply of weapons, ammunition and cash.

The stats and inventory supplied by this save game were acquired in earnest through many hours of game play. Though it was replicated through the use of console commands and mods, I don’t consider it to be a cheat but rather an option I would have liked to see in the vanilla game – to restart from the beginning with the skills and gear you have acquired through game play. Settlements, materials, mods, companions, quests all restart at nil, but SPECIAL, perks, and weapon-related inventory remain. As such I have removed any quest-related weapons and objects from the inventory. The story line above is my attempt to reconcile my desires without ruining the immersion of the game. I hope some of you will appreciate and enjoy that.



Strength 4
Perception 9
Endurance 3
Charisma 9
Intelligence 6
Agility 8
Luck 3

Perks are generally stealth/sniper related, with a few others to accommodate my play style (Locksmith and Hacker are both level 3, Local Leader is level 1, and Science! is level 4)


Machete (Was ment to be Kremvh’s Tooth, couldn’t figure out how to make it work)
Upgraded USP .45 (Mod required, listed below)
Upgraded .44 Magnum
Upgraded Combat Shotgun
Upgraded Submachine Gun
Upgraded Combat Rifle – .308 Receiver
Grenade Pistol (Mod required, listed below)
Upgraded hunting rifle – .50 Receiver


Plentiful Ammo for all guns

Commonwealth Shorts Camo w/Ballistic Weave (Mod required, listed below)
Black Tactical Gloves (Mod required, listed below)
Military Shoulder Bag (Mod required, listed below)
Hazmat Suit w/Ballistic Weave (Mod required, listed below)

Rad-X 71
RadAway 55
Stealth Boy 22
Stimpak 217

Required Mods (to match screenshots and inventory):

Commonwealth Shorts Vanilla-CBBE-JB by Deserter X
Appealing Moles by ANiceOakTree
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar
True Eyes – Fallout 4 Edition by jimtownirish
Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- by Caliente and Ousnius
Valkyr Female Face and Body Textures by Fuse00
deLuxe Makeup by Cilbas

Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) by Valdacil and Gambit77
Ballistic Weave your Vault Suits by Niss

Wearable Postman Shoulder Bag or Backpack by Eferas
Grenade Pistol and APW – Standalone by Junnari
HK USP .45 by Wretched89
More Bipod And Sniper Barrel – Bipod and Extra Long Barrel For All Rifle by Artesia58 (Note: one of my screenshots depicts this mod, but the save file uses the vanilla stock option for the hunting rifle, so the mod is not at all required)

*****I apologize for this long list, you may forgo some of these if you don’t care about the specific inventory items, I don’t really know, this is my first time after all. I do recommend you adhere to the first seven mods if you expect the character to look the same as the screenshots. The next three after that may or may not be required to add Ballistic Weave to your outfit if it isn’t already there (yes, I know, I’m a total noob, I’m doing my best) but either way you will need to type “set RailroadClothingArmorModAvailable to 1” in the console to add ballistic weave if it is not already there.

Disclaimer: I have too many active mods to list here – upon loading you will likely get a screen that says something to the tune of unavailable items, may not be present, etc, etc, continue loading? Click yes and see what happens. If anyone can provide any feedback, I would be happy to do more tuning to try to find a way to make this work. In the mean time, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!

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