Firelance -Standalone Mod. More Than a Weapon Mod.

Firelance -Standalone Mod. More Than a Weapon Mod.

More than a weapon mod. This took a while.
The Firelance is here!! Not only that but it brings in a small story as you journey to go get it. It’s also a standalone so it doesn’t replace the Alien Blaster!
The screenshots are old. There are slight differences. Like the text at the top when you get it will be different!

In the loading screen (if you get it by chance) you find out that the Institute has been sending out Coursers into the Glowing Sea. They were tracking mysterious alien signals. When you get there, you see the damage the Institute has done to them.

-Crazy Damage
-New Alien
-Fight for the Firelance. Against the Alien who has the Firelance!
-Fully moddable at a weapon bench.
-Uses new ammo type I made. Once out, you can put a Fusion Mag on it to use Fusion Cells.
-Projectile is twice as fast as the Alien Blaster’s projectile. Close that gap!
-Red hot.

How do I get it??
There is a parking garage in the Glowing Sea. Find it.
Don’t want to search endlessly? Fine, watch the video below! The video shows the entire event so if you don’t want to be spoiled then just watch to the point where I show you where it is. Or be lame and use the console (player.additem XX000801). Trust me, you’ll want to go to the parking garage.

This mod is not without bugs. Well, one main bug and a small bug. The event takes place in a parking garage in the Glowing Sea. It is an unmarked location. If you have been here previously in your save then the event won’t happen. In which case you can only get the Firelance through the console (player.additem XX000801). If you want to see what you missed out on then watch the video above! This mod works best on an earlier save so I recommend that. Currently this is the best I can do without the Creation Kit. But you got to admit, it’s pretty good yeah? This mod took way too long haha.

Small bug: There’s a small chance that the event won’t happen even though you haven’t been there before. Simply quit Fallout and load it up again. Don’t use a save that takes place in the building or the same thing will happen because that’s how it was saved. So yeah, fair warning. This won’t break your game or your saves so there’s no risk.

Potentially patched bug:
In my initial testing, the game would crash upon loading the game because of the main bug stated above. After lots of changing and loading and testing, I am 99% sure this problem has been fixed. If you encounter this problem then remove the Firelance.esp and contact me with detail.

So why is there this bug?
I didn’t want for the player to just spawn the Firelance through the console. That’s lame and boring to me. I wanted them to earn it. The only way was to take an existing event and change it to have aliens instead of ghouls. If you have already encountered this event then my mod gets overwritten basically. Once the Creation Kit comes out then I will create an entirely new event.

1.0.1 1-23-16
Original for Nexus
1.0.2 1-23-16
Removed unnecessary files from the mod.
Do enjoy!
Other mods shown in the Screenshots and Video:

Reilly’s Rangers Power Armor Paint by Neeher (That’s me!)
Reilly’s Rangers Combat Armor by Neeher (me again!)
Nanosuit 4.1 by Vasstek
Colored Map by VirusZ
Clean PPK Deliverer Retexture by Primaryinsomnia
Old World Radio by Brandoman (To be updated with standalone support soon).

Credits: Neeher
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