Fix Home Plate Walls

Fix Home Plate Walls

Hate how nasty the walls look in Home Plate?
This series of batch files allows you to place a wall type of your choice to cover those nasty blocks.
A complimentary set of batches to “Fix Home Plate Floor” by Wykkyd Gaming

Wykkyd Gaming – Creator of “Fix Home Plate Floor”. The set of batch files which inspired me to make this
WardenWolf – Creator of “Fix Home Plate Floor – Extended”. The companion mod to Wykkyd Gaming’s FHPF

Warnings / Notices
This changes the position of game objects. This is a risk if you don’t read the instructions!
It is safe if used properly. If you are in doubt, don’t use this mod.
Major graphical glitches may affect the walls. Saving and reloading that save will solve them
This only adds walls as far as the ladder
This works on two different PCs. There is no reason why it shouldn’t work for you
It may work with walls added by mods. They will have to have the same properties as vanilla walls to work
Metal walls have been tested and work excluding batch files 18-23. For these I suggest substituting wood walls in


Download the .zip file.
Extract it to the contents to your FO4 install location ( eg. /Steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4/ )
Be inside Home Plate
Ideally clear the walls and area near the walls of objects
Have the materials to build 32 walls of your choice
Open the Workshop
Place the wall piece ( Only works with walls the same size a Shack Wall! )
Press “~” or “`” to open the console
Left click on the wall piece you just placed. A set of numbers and letter should appear on screen ( Make sure you select the right object! )
Enter into the console: bat “hpw 0” ( Including the quotation marks )
Press “enter” to execute the command and watch the wall teleport into place
Press “~” or “`” to close the console.
Repeat steps 6 to 12 increasing the number by 1 upto 32 ( eg. bat “hpw 1”)

If this is unclear refer to Fix Home Plate Floor. Wykkyd Gaming has done an excellent job of making the instructions clear and concise

Images are for illustration only. Lights, power and Piper are not included!

Credits: dac133
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