Flashlight (WIP)

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Flashlight (WIP)

Made with FO4Edit 3.1.3

This mod is inspired by pipboy light change to headlamp by nweiss and Legendary Lamps – Lights Lamps Pipboy Overhaul by Spoonifico

This is a result of my trying to find a medium that changes the pipboy light without taking up an armor slot or forcing me to exit my game and un-install a mod to get the regular light back.

Replaces all mining helmets with a “flashlight”* that don’t use armor slots or prevent you from using helmets. It doesn’t work with npcs.

It’s still a little finicky, changing from 1st to 3rd person while the light is active breaks it, turning the light off and then on again fixes it.
The light spawns over the shoulder, behind your character (I can’t change this!) so 3rd person with pipboy shadows active will cast some weird shadows.
You can’t alter the light, it just stays the default.

* Warning: does not actually turn it into a flashlight, the model is still the same!

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What is this mod use for

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